Tanning pregnant women?

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  1. EllenHyuga
    You should patch test every client, as others have said. I didn’t realise spray tans had nut oils in until I had a patch test and reacted to it! I’m anaphylactic to sesame and nuts :(
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  2. Effi Briest
    No tanning during first Trimester. Give after that, but Mask recommended. Also warn client that Tan might not turn out as expected as skin changes during pregnancy due to hormonal changes.
  3. LA Tanning
    In relation to allergies, although some solutions do not contain nuts, the issue is that in the Manufacturing process it can be impossible to confirm that no contamination has occurred.

    In relation to pregnancy, true the advise if no tanning in the first trimester however we are not medically trained so it is up to the practitioner after the initial 3 months whether or not to tan the client. The client should be asked to seek advise from their GP or Midwife.
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  4. EllenHyuga
    Yes, the same as food cross contamination. Although putting a cross contamination label on isn’t a legal requirement. And on non food items the law for labelling is completely different to food. In food the label has to have bold lettering for any of the 14 main allergens. In non food items, this doesn’t apply. So quite often, people with allergies, like myself can miss the allergens, because it’s not required for it to be noticeable. Not very many spray tans don’t contain nuts. Which is one of the reasons why patch testing is so important.
    I’ve just done a spray tan course and even the tutor said she’s been doing it since the first spray tan, and she hasn’t come across a tan with no nut/sesame oil. I know of one, I love my tan London. So you if know of anymore, could you let me know :)
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