Thats if i am officially over weight again


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Fab Freak

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Dec 16, 2003
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Bondsville, West Yorkshire
:evil: Got up this morning and went to the wardrobe (bleary eyed) and pulled out a pair of trousers, got them on an realised they are my old fatty trousers which 1 1/2 years ago I vowed I would never fit into again :sad: (some will power I have)....after months and months of healthy eating lots of fish, chicken, salads and vegies (okay two packes of crisps per week - but no chocies or sweeties i am only human, I have just slowly put weight back on - this time last year I was a fab size 12 now I am a large size 14 about to explode :o

So its official back to the good old tried and testing Slimming World diet,

Being over weight makes me unhappy :cry: and i feel unattractive and those vibes aren't good for me or for business off I go i am giving myself 12 weeks to lose fingers crossed for me guys...

(PS I wouldnt mind but i did my first rebalance in an hour last night, without killing Beryl - so last night I was top of the world...) :(
You no you can do it again its just a matter of making the change for life rather then a diet..! I went from a size 28 to 18 now back to a 22 but im getting off slowly...the only thing i could get into a size 14 is 1

Think positive you can do it..:biggrin:

PS Well done for the re-balance im still hitting the 1 1/2 hour mark.

Cheers Vicky - Yep a will as will you...on the rebalance I really kept my head down no looking up just chatting to her nails think that was my problem..
Hi hun,

I feel exactly the same i have put on loads and loads of weight since getting married, people keeping telling me its contentment :rolleyes: but it sure dosent feel like it when i dont fit in my fav jeans :o so your not alone babe, I think you look great though!
Sorry to miss you all weds, i hope you all had a good time, i will try to make on the 30th.

Take care,
Kelly xx
Bless ya Kelly - Hey you looked great in Scratch, Amanada (aka Lily) lent me her copy...good on ya, hope it brings more clients (have you sent the article to your local paper)...
Hope you can come on the 30th we are considering going for a meal, there is a pub nearby to the current venue which does the best homecooked food i have ever had and its only £7...(here I go again - no wonder i'm overweight) but anyway will keep you posted, it would be lovely to see you again... take care.. Lou x
there is a fab website/message board to help you along your journey, it is a great place to find understanding aout losing weight, getting fit, changing your lifestyle!!
Hi Fab Freak i know exactly where you are coming from. Two weeks ago i decided to rejoin slimming world and had a shock when i weighed myself. I couldn't beleive i had put on the weight i had lost since having my little girl, she is three and a half now. I also had an even greater shock that my measurements were appalling. I had the same size chest which i had when breastfeeding!!!! (although my hubby has never complained about

So i kicked myself into gear with the slimming world diet as i said two weeks ago and lost 1LB the first week and 2 the second week. I have to say i have had to up my exercise this time by quite alot but by not using the car all the time i've found it has helped a great deal. I know the older you get the harder it can be, but DON'T GIVE UP!!!

You can do it Fab. Stay positive.:D
i know i am the same, i have just started with slimming world , coz the weight i lost before has come back, i tried weight watchers fisrt last year which was good but thought i would have a change and try slimming world,and i have managed to lose a pound a week, which i am ok with seeing as i am not very good at sticking to em , i had to have a packet of crisps last night coz it was the last episode of friends!! :rolleyes: but never mind i will be better for the rest of the week, good luck
I wish I could afford to be with some company to help me diet. I'm the worst dieter ever! I'm serious, I can't stick to a diet any better than I could stay away from nails. Besides, in all honesty, a size 12 is hardly something to freak out about... I think that's the average size here in the US. Sadly, the media makes people believe otherwise. I am pleased to hear that it's good eating and exercise rather than an eating disorder. Too many woman are affected by the media and it's one sided view of how women should look. No matter what, be healthy and happy!
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