The age of Your Clients!


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The average age of your clientell is?

  • Teenagers

    Votes: 11 4.0%
  • 20 - 30 year olds

    Votes: 101 37.0%
  • 30 - 45 year olds

    Votes: 153 56.0%
  • 45 - 65 year olds

    Votes: 33 12.1%
  • Seniors

    Votes: 6 2.2%
  • Men

    Votes: 4 1.5%

  • Total voters

Little Angel

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Jul 28, 2003
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Lincolnshire, England

This is from Mui in Thailand, she would like to know the ages of our customer if you could select which is your average age group.
Many thanks

sawasdee ka

How do i look for what age lady speak .

Is this only in premium i can look .

Mui from Thailand
i'm after the mature lady shall we say:green:
MY clients are all age groups from 20- seniors. I do get occassional teenagers but not that often & they are usually one offs.
it's seniors. Right now the majority of my appointments are going into retirement homes/apartments and assisted living homes and taking care of the elderly peoples' nailes.

I voted 20 to 30,most of my clients are freinds,and friends of friends.I also get a lot of client's from school but i would say for me it's 25 to 25.Hth hun x x x

Oops i meant 25 to 35 :smack:
I think older clients tend to look after their nails much better than the younger ones and they always return for infills/manicures
I would actually say most of our clients are from 30-65 but this wasn't a choice.
My clients are in their mid and late 30's. Ex-coworkers and friends of friends. I enjoy working with an older crowd.
i think my clients fall between 20 and 45 but i could choose both options so i went for the younger choice as think i may have a few more 20-30's than 30-45's!

I would actually say most of our clients are from 30-65 but this wasn't a choice.

that is my client base as well ........
It was a hard choice, because I have a lot in there 20s, and a lot aged 30-50, but i think there are more 30 +'s overall.:)
Got a few younger clients but the majority are 30+ - which in my experiance means they appreciate and look after their nails better.
mine are mostly in their twenties
but i have some either side of that age

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