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Feb 6, 2003
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Aveley, Essex
I just thought I'd share with you what happened to me yesterday.

Since the whole Watchdog thing I've been on a right mission telling everyone and anyone who'll listen about MMA. Well yesterday I had enough of this and I thought it's about time the borough's Health & Safety Officer knew about it. So I called him!!! I told him briefly about MMA and some of it's affects as I didn't want to bore him on the phone but I told him that I had so much more information for him that could we arrange a meeting. He said of course we could and he's coming to my house tomorrow morning at 10am.

I've printed out a whole folder of things about MMA from the FDA's advice right through to pictures of the blasted stuff.

I'm really looking forward to it as when I asked him if anyone else had phoned about the same thing he just said that a few people had called expressing concerns over some salons in the area but I was the first to mention MMA and some of it's effects!!!!!(Always like to be first at things!!!). He also said that it was brilliant timing as they were thinking about doing a health and safety project on the nail salons in the area. Obviously, the reputable ones have nothing to fear but the NSS's better watch out!!!

I'll let you all know how it goes tomorrow once he's left. Keep your fingers crossed for me guys and girls.
hi kelly . thats great news let me know how it all goes and if you want me to help out fighting MMA and NSS in the thurrock area then please just let me know i would love to help. Also it helps that my sister-in-law works for thurrock council too and she watched watchdog and also has asked me about MMA and the risks and so on , so i know that she will help us too.

anyway hun chat soon . let me know how it goes

love faye xxxxxxxx
Fab news, I cant wait for the update on this one....
You are one fab girl
Go go go !!!!!!

love Ruth xxxxxxxx
Cheers girls. I know it affects you two very closely as you live in Thurrock but hopefully we can get something done that will set a precedent for other areas.

I've got everything crossed that you can imagine!!!!! :?
GO GIRL!!!!!

I live and work in Southend - I called the trading standards people they passed the buck to environ(mental) health LOL dept and they fobbed me off with the office of fair trading what a joke!

I would like to do what you did and talk direct with the man or woman that can make it happen So let me know how you get on and pm if need be
Hi Peeps,

Well, I think it went quite well. He is extremely peterbed that MMA is being used after I thrust a folder of information under his nose to show him it's effects. We spoke in depth about how an NSS does a set of nail extensions and the dangers i.e electric files (unsterilised), no prepping of the nail plate etc and then told him how it should be done. I also showed him the Watchdog video which he thought was great and told me to keep hold of it as it may be useful if anything legislation was to be passed.

He told me the problem is that it isn't illegal so there isn't much they can do seize the liquid but he said they will be going to local salons and doing checks anyway soon and they will ask for samples of the liquid. He will then send these off to the government's laboratory and get them tested. They will then send back a report as to what the chemical is and what it should and shouldn't be used for.

He said the main thing that needs to be done is a petition needs to be raised and get as many people to sign it as possible and letters need to be written. These then need to be submitted to the local MP, in Thurrock it is Andrew Mackinley who, if he gets enough complaints, will raise it in parliament. He told me to get every nail technician I know to start a petition in their respective areas and then submit it to their local MP. If we arranged for a particular time for these to be submitted the MP's would all receive them together and may start them thinking. I think we should give ourselves a few months, say January or February, to submit our petitions. So who's up for doing a petition then? I'll do one for my area but even if you live in the same area as another nail technician on this site you will almost certainly know different people. So everyone needs to do one.

Purple Legend, it is the responsibility of Environ(mental) Health Dept which hosts the Health and Safety Officer to investigate this. I just called up Thurrock Council and asked to speak to the Health & Safety Officer and I was put straight through. I told him that I had so much information that could we arrange a meeting to which he agreed. I think because he had received some complaints anyway he thought it would probably be a good idea to come out. Try it with Southend Council but in the meantime you can get your petition started.

He also told me that the are looking to do a Health & Safety project on nail salons in the area after christmas and he will be calling me for some technical advice and I may even go to the offices for an afternoon to give them a rundown of how nail enhancements are applied and the correct procedures that should be followed. This will then give the inspector some background knowledge before going into the salons. So hopefully something might start to happen.

Sorry it's quite a long post but if we can all pull together on this we just might get it banned!
Hi Kelly,

WELL DONE!!!!! :thumbsup:

Do you want the petitions started now? I will speak to my boss on Saturday.

Do you think that there should be a standard form that everyone could copy - it may look better.

Maybe someone could design one with excellent use of words - Maybe RUTH???!!! (Nails in London) :D

Sorry Ruth I know that you get volunteered for lots - but you are soooooo good!!!!! :king:
Thanks!!! Yes, we can start the petitions right away - this gives us more time to get signatures. We could use a standard copy but I don't think it will make to much of a difference.

I've asked Rachel Myatt at K-Sa-Ra to help with this and she will hopefully be putting a page on their site within the next few days so that technicians right across the UK and Ireland (and the world) can sign it. I will let everyone know when it is on there. She is also contacting the 3 trade magazines to get them to put some info regarding the petitions in for the issue after next. Hopefully they will do it!!!
I would love to get a petition started for the southend area - if you are reading this and from southend pm's to me - we could meet and discuss how to go about it - I think a standard form would be much better - when the mps meet they would be looking at the information in the same layout - anything to help the poor old boys out.

I have thought about contacting the local papers what do you think? - i feel a poll coming on......just need to work out how!

I really believe if we stick together we can make it happen.

I also want to know how to get this product made illegal or banned or outlawed or whatever word you want to use - how do we do this?
Purple (what is your first name?), the only way to get it banned is to get these petitions submitted to the MP's and then they have to raise it in Parliament. Things then happen from there and they'll send it off to their own people to get tested I presume. That's why we need those signatures!!!!!
My name is Jo - sorry I forgot to put it on

I would love to have a chat about this direct with you want to go to the chat room at about nine thirty?

Jo xxxxx
That sounds brilliant give us a shout when the petitions are ready and i would like to get a copy

Lets nail the scum :twisted: :twisted:

Cazza :D :D
Might it be worth contacting the colleges who train the new young technicians?

Does anyone here have any contacts in that area?
Sorry Jo, only just got your message 8.25am Thurs!!!! I think it may be a good idea to contact the colleges as I can imagine the majority of students go to NSS's because of the low price. At least if we can educate them then they'll tell their friends and family. Good thinking Ella.

Maybe we'll talk later tonight although I'm giving a talk to a couple of people who are interested in some courses so not sure what time!!!! :?
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