The Edge acrylic system


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Feb 27, 2004
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cleveland, UK
hi. I've just been looking at the ka-sa-ra site, and when i looked at the edge acrylic system, the description says

(quote)"Its applied with a one phase ball of product and brush action, rather than a 3 phase application. Its a cross linked monomer with a finely sifted powder of 'medium' set. "(unquote)

Does anyone know if this means it's applied like gel, as opposed to being applied to the 3 zones separately ?
I think the 'hook' here is that you apply the whole coating with one bead rather than 3 - easy possibly for someone with A LOT of experience - not easy for a newbie or someone who is not naturally artistic!!
It also indicates that they don't teach how to do pink and white nails as there is no way you can do pink and white in a one bead application now is there??!! Also, it is possible to apply ANY single colour L&P from ANY system using a one bead application, if that is the type of work you want to do.

I'm sorry, but this type of one colour training technique simply does not prepare the technician for work in the real world and is a waste of money if that is all you are going to be taught.
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