~*~The Official - I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! thread~*~


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Feb 16, 2007
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Ummmmmm...how can they even call the show I'm a celebrity...seriously
lol that is soooo true!Errr who are they:eek:??!!
has it started??
i like the line up cerys mathews.....fab and jay from 5 (yummy lol)
The ex eastenders guys aint bad either:wink2::wink2:

I know anna ryder richardson, jay, er....thats about it!

Janice is doing my nut in ALREADY:irked:
woooh hooo i'm made an offical thread lol!

janice ****inson...wow...there is nothing else to say, she really does kill it!

i love this by gemma -''people wont think i am fit now i've taken my makeup off'' - SORRY LOVE GET OUT YOUR BOTTOM!!!
I've just read on ITV.com that Katie Hopkins is going in to replace Malcolm Maclaren...... she's going into Snake Rock with Janice, Lynn, Gemma and J...... OMG, can you imagine her and Janice??!!!!

I've got the series link set on my Sky+ so my poor hubby has to watch it whenever I get in from my evening client(s)......:rolleyes::)
sorry who is katie hopkins?
the girl off the apprentice....
Katie Hopkins :eek: OMG Now that would be so entertaining - her and Janice brawling it out!:lol::lol::lol::lol:

But I agree - who the heck is everyone else?:rolleyes:
Rodney comes from a bigoted mentality.....Janice ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

Boy i loved her nail enamel...LMAO:lol:
I thought it was going to be sooo boring but the bitching between Janice and Lynne is fab it's just like me and my best friend on a sat ngt LOL.
I can't wait to see the chef eat live worms and Kangaroo B***s tonight:lol:
Are these people celebrities? Who are they? I know John Burton Race, but he is just plain nasty and miserable :irked:.
omg i was squirming for marc bannerman:green::green::green:

:smack::smack::smack: he is soooooooooooooo blown out !!!
he didn't look a happy bunny did he...

i think some people are easy to feel loved up...some people do meet someone for the first time and really do think they have or could have feelings for that person. he was naive and tactless but he hasn't actually been unfaithful and lets not forget...caris new damn well that he had a girlfriend and should have backed off a little, showing self respect and respect for others.

my guess is that his relationship wasn't hunky before he went into the jungle, i don't believe for a minute that people who are madly in love and happy do this sort of thing...there must be something wrong in the first place.
Well the great British publc have shown what they think of Marc and his sleazy flirting...He is OUT!!

I think he and Cerys thought their "romance" would win over the public and keep them in there....but we are not that daft!!

Only problem is we will need to live through all his crawling to get back in with his girlfriend now he is out....and all the media debate as to whether she should chuck him or not.
The things people do to get on the telly :irked:!!!
I think he just got a big reality check, he is soooo terrified. But have to agree I think Caris was way out of line.
why does everyone blame cerys:green:

He's a grown man he needs to be responsible for his own actions and the vibes he gives off to other people !

I agree if all was cushdy at home he wouldnt be tempted elsewhere !

Amb x

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