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Aug 7, 2003
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sudbury suffolk
Ohhhh myy god!

I am gonna be on the salon next thursday!!!

Cant believe it! I was mucking about on their website last night and booked an appointment to get my nails done or tan, facial or wax!

And i have made it through to get my bikini line waxed on national tv!

oh god i hope they will film my face!

Oh what the hell its all a giggle for a few seconds of fame!!!

Wish i was getting my nails done.....

Cazza :D :D

By the way it is the bikini wax marathon !!!
Well as another addiction of mine I`ll see you next thursday!!!!!!
Its great news, I hope you get a plug for your business.
Bikini line, could have had a better view but hey, you`re on telly!!!!
Will you wear a Nail Geek Tshirt :?: :D

I am a reality TV fan and will look out for you! I saw today that they are attempting a World REcord for the most Bikini Waxes at one time!! :oops:

Might be painful!! Will look out for you and your nails. Have a GREAT TIME and report back pleeeease!!!

Lucky Girl!!
hi caz,

tonight (thursday), a close friend of mine was on and reports from her was it was an absolute fantastic time, drank champagne all day :hic: :hic: we're still trying to get head out of the clouds!!! i hope you have as much fun, givem a few tips while your at it!

tell us all about it

Times like this you wish you had a geek thong ;)
Oooooooooooooh my god! How lucky are you?! I LOVE that darn show!! Hey you better mention all of us!! Use the term "Nail Geek" at least 5 times ;-)

We shall be watching ;-)

cor i wish i could wear a geek shirt or thong, but unfortunatly not allowed to wear anything advertising (shame).

i think everyone should apply to get on the show for the bikini marathon, they are doing blokes as well (so no excuses)

i am sooo excited but scared.

My god, you're braver than I ever could be!!

Is a Geek T shirt advertising? is a DNKY T shirt advertising? Is the Geek selling anything?? Go on, see if you can get away with it ... it would be a giggle.
Well hun you can always say............
When she rips the strips off ya.................oh great nail geek this hurts
..or when it comes to small talk...........well my hobbies are being a geek........... or on designer wear.......well the geek thong is the new gucci................ or well nails are a passion of mine, well thats why I am a nail geek..................

See if you get away with that
but still I hope you have a rippin time

lol love Ruth xxxxxxxxxx
sawadee ka

i can not see television you i hope you have everything and enjoy before i have baby i 47 kilo and i then have 63 kilo but now have 48 kilo i no have thong not sure i want ka .

We airbrush some geek tee shirt in 5 days next own design .

Kop khun ka mui
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