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Aug 12, 2003
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Way hey! Guess what!!! I had my 4th day of my foundation course today and...... I passed!!!!!!!!!! I've just got to wait for my certificate but I am now a Creative Nail Technician!!!!!! I am sooooooooo excited!!!! Just had to let you all know! I got 97% in my written test as well so as you can imagine I'm well chuffed!!

Needless to say I'm well wacked and glad its all over but some of that is my own fault as I misunderstood my tutor and did 2 full cards full of nails instead of 1!!!!! what am I? lol!

Now you won't have to put up with my moaning about being nervous lol.... until the next problem arises lol

Anyway couldn't wait to tell you all!!

xx Tamm

You deserve it you have worked so hard for it :) :)
Hiya Tamm,
Knew you would do it!!!
See ya tomorrow!
wot about me?????????????????
I is coming too, she can`t get there without me, lol
Mani-fique! said:
wot about me?????????????????
I is coming too, she can`t get there without me, lol
Ok, lol! ....See ya both Tomorrow!
....Dont forget your nail kits!
A really big Well Done Tamm!!!!!
Well actually....judging by those 1st attempt nails you showed was a full gone conclusion really.....I wish mine looked liked your 1st attempt!

Have fun at Glo's.....she is a super-de-duper (and crazy) lady!
Wish I wuz poppin in!!!!

Well done on becoming a CND tech!
Well Done Tammy,

I knew you would do it :) You really deserve this we are all very proud of you,

Morning guys!:) Just like to say thanks for all your congrats its great to be a qualified tech and I'm really looking forward to learning more!

Its great to be on the other side of it all now:p

xx Tamm
Well Done, I'm so please for you i can remember how i felt when i passed i was so excited.

Lisa x
Well done Tamm.............see you can do it!!

Now I`m back home I have to put my two-penneth in and say I`m really proud to have been Tamm`s model and have had a great time up there with her and her husband.
Jane had the whole class telling Tamm every couple of minutes that she did great nails, that was sooooooo funny, like she needed telling that, lol
We went up to see Gloria yesterday too which was another great day and we all had a play there, and then we got lost getting back to Tamm`s. We only went about 50 miles the wrong way, nothing too drastic, lol
I only wish we lived closer, I cant wait to go back up
Heyyyyyyy Congratulations hun! :green:

You deserve it, of course you must be shuffed! LOL

I am so glad for you and I know you will do just fiiiiiine!

Luv Kat
Hey Mrs Manifique CND Tech

Tamm, You did it (we knew you would :D )
Congratulations, bet you feel good now!
Kim said:
Hey Mrs Manifique CND Tech

Tamm, You did it (we knew you would :D )
Congratulations, bet you feel good now!
Congratulations Hun,
Well done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well Done, Tamm
Thanks Debs but your toooooo kind lol! And as for my tutor!! she said I faff and am a doubting Thomas which is why she got everybody to say how wonderful I was..... well you can imagine how embarrassing that was!! I think she got fed up of me not believing in myself lol! Besides my problem is I think outloud too much..... I'm sure everybody else was thinking the same about themselves lol I'm just an idiot and say it for all to hear!! Oh well! lol

And I've never come home from Wolverhampton getting nearly back to Warwick only to end up in derbyshire!!! Too much chin wagging and not enough paying attention to signs.... then again those stupid M42 signs.... it gave us 3 choices for the M42 but didn't say which direction they all went in..... lol so it wasn't completely our fault!!

And thanks again to all you lot for say congrats!! I'm well chuffed and soooooooo excited!!! I just need to rob a bank or two then I can get all those lovely metro and mosaic powders!!

xx Tamm
Wwll done your nails are fab :green:
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