thought I'd do a chrissy competition, help please


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Sep 20, 2007
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I've been at the hairdressers for 6 weeks now, and I know that the girls have helped to promote my services and been very supportive.

I wanted to do something to thank them without
a) being gushy
b) embarrassing them or myself
c) not costing me too much
d) not pushing myself forward/ ie appear big-headed or pushy
e) not be cringeworthy

My first instinct was to give them all a £5 gift voucher off any of my treatments, but then I thought this could cause embarrassment if they didn't use them OR WORSE felt obliged to use them.

so, thought I could do a multi-choice competition about me and my treatments and give the winner a gift voucher. Hopefully this would create a bit of fun, a bit of rivalry, and test them on their knowledge of my treatments.

So, firstly, do you think this would work and secondly (if you do think it would work) what questions can you suggest. Thought I would do multichoice to make it quick and easy and help with the marking, also include a picture round of some of my equipment like chinese cups, hopi ear candles.
EG, a reflexology treatment costs
a) £25
b) £30
c) £35
I dont think I would do a competition as I would want to reward them all.

Do you want to reward them to encourage more business or just to say thank you? If it is to encourage more business then I would do a treatment on them free of charge - let them choose which, if it to say thanks then why not think of the 3 for 2 gifts from Boots.
As its only 6 weeks i think id just bring in a load of cakes for everyone to have with their coffees.
I'll hop i right over to Peters then.
so general consensus is - not to do a quiz!

thanks guys, wasn't sure about it. would like to do something as a thank you for their inital help, but also would like to encourage them to continue with the promo side of it too.

I was hopi n that you would help me make my mind up, and I think I'll scrap the idea of a quiz.
I always thank our girls with, a few bottles of wine and a huge tin of Cadbury Roses, they love it xxx
well I'm separate to the hairdressers, I rent the rooms above but am allowed to mingle in the hairdressers. They take my appointments for me if I'm not about or in. So, we don't work with each other really.
Hi hun,
I am a seperate business to, I just rent the space, the girls take my appointments and make sure that all bookings are spot on and promote my services beautifully xxxx
I would do as Gillian and Ruth Says, a few bottles of wine, cakes etc, you havent been there long, and there is never a need to go overboard, it wont cost alot, but Im sure it will be well recieved!! xxxxxxx
hi I would give the girls a big tin of quality street (choc) so they can enjoy them when they want with coffee etc, with a tag just thanking them for the help they have given you. they would like that as when I first started home based (origionally worked in a private boys school) my work mates kept coming bk to me and buying vouchers etc for the family and word of mouth got about which gave me alot of work so I went to visit with my big tin of chocs and they loved it. its simple but it means you appreciate them. :)
i say a big tin of celebrations or a box of cream cakes
well I took a box of cakes and cream cakes in today, and it went down everso well. Really pleased with the reaction that I got.

They don't finish until chrissy eve, but I finished today.

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