thunder and lightning...whats your story?


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Jul 16, 2007
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in a house, in a wood, a little old man by the win
We are having a little bit of a storm here at the minute...and it got me thinking...

What was the story your parents told you when it was thundering and lightening??? And if you have/had children what do you tell them?

When I was little my mum and dad told me the flashes of light were the fairies turning the lights on and off in Gods rooms of his house and the thunder was God moving the furniture in those rooms...

I told all mine it is hot and cold clouds clashing together etc etc .... we have had such bad electric storms out here that they think Fairies are sadistic so I had to knock that one on the head.

I was just wondering what other stories you all I can pinch the idea :lol:
We've got the same here Joanne, it's been an absolutely awful evening weather-wise!

When I was young I was told that the gods were bowling and the lights were when they got a good score :lol:
LMAO... Sandi I love that one...thats brill, mine would definitely go for that as they love bowling...:lol:

Any more????? I need back-ups...

( the weather has been really weird this summer don't you think? )
Well it's headed down my end of Javea now! I just love thunder and lightning. I was told the truth about it being clouds crashing together and the energy it's created ... and was taught about how you can tell that it proves light travels faster than sound!!! OMG I sound a right geek now! Got me elder daughter over at the mo, and she is NOT impressed with the weather ... especially as it was like this when she came in June. Who said the rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain?
Sassy...seeing that we live about 2 minutes from each other...would we not be experiencing it at the same time :eek:

My mum always brings this weather with her...she has been coming for over 6 years...and it is always crap lol... your daughter must have the same vibes...

Hope she is having a good time in spite of this rubbish weather....:lol:

I am a nerd too...I have given the scientific explanation...but think Sandi's version is brill...Hollywood Bowls in the Sky...
I was told the truth about it being clouds crashing together and the energy it's created ...

this is what I was told......

but when it rains my mother always said it was the angels crying.....

guess the angels are on anti depressants here as it rains steady from Oct :eek: LOL
Okay now this isn't funny, it is raining cats and cows! Does anyone know where I can get a cheap boat!? Elizabeth has gone back to bed in disgust! I can see me having to do a spray tan later on today!
:lol: My mum use to tell us that the lightning was the fairies wsaking up and the thunder was the fairies taking the drums to the park for the fairy carnival, needless to say she had to come up with some good excuses why we couldn't go and watch :lol:
my mum told us that it was god moving his furniture , cant remember what she used for lightening :lol:
i told my son the same , but one night he was looking at the encyclopedia and found out i was not being that truthful :lol::lol: so he now knows wht causes it , pmsl
anyone noticed how it mucks your white lies up when kids can read :lol::lol:
Lol Dee ... you wait til you try explaining why the Tooth Fairy forgot to visit :smack:
my mum told us that it was god moving his furniture

I was told exactly the same and that the lightning was him switching the lights on and off.
I love a good because i do, my kids do,too:)
I always say this silly rhyme "thunder,lightning..very,very exciting!!"
I was told that thunder was the gods bowling.. and rain was them taking a wee.. only way ma could keep us out of it!!!
I tell my kids that its people in heaven bowling (noisy buggers) and that lightning is them celebrating a strike.. I have actually told them the truth about rain.. as to this day i really hate being stuck in the rain.. even though i know the truth!:eek:
I can't remember lightning, but I was always told thunder was God's rumbly tummy :)
I love all the replies.... Now rain being wee is a new one on me but it's hilarious :lol: Someone up there must have a big incontinence problem because it has been a horrendously wet weekend!!!!
My friend told his daughter it's Santa moving his furniture.:eek:

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