Tie Dye Nails


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Jan 12, 2003
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Greven, Germany
Ok for those who wanted to know how to do them, here are the distructions.......... :D :D :D ........................

They are acrylic colour powders, I used EZflow Gemstone colours.(will use creative when i have done their training) 8)
I used clear tips, prepped the nails and applied the tips in the usual way.Slightly buff the clear tips the arcylic will stay on better, so I found lol
Then the fun started, selected all my favorite colours. :D
Then starting from the free edge upwards, applied the coloured powders in a random fashion, colours slightly overlapping each other.
Then lightly buffed the colours with a soft 240 file or white buffing block, this is what gives it the smudged look. Applied a layer of crystal clear Acrylic powder to seal it, shape and buffed them to a nice shine, with solar oil(oh how i love that stuff) .
Not rocket science just a play about with some sticky stuff and colours. If I can do it anyone can. I am still learning the acrylic stuff, but having a great time doing it lol

So give it a go, you will love the result.

love Ruth xxxxxx


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Hey Ruthy Darling
I would love to have a go at that but me mate aint sent me powders yet !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Love ya babe
Dawnie xxxxxxxxxxxx
They look fantastic Ruth, must get myself some coloured acrylics and have a play D

Keep smiling
Sue x
Thanx Ruth

I have the Rainbow Candy colours so will give it a go the next chance I have.... 8)
Very very COOL 8)
Now this is an art i have never seen. WOW...they look great...gotta give this a try myself lol
those look great must pop in and see you when i'm in london
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