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Jul 27, 2009
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Hi there Geeks,
I have a lady with very fair lashes, she is coming for her 2nd lash extension fill appointment and her lower lashes need tinting. Is there a way to do this without affecting the lash bond??

Thanks, Lou x
You could but it will be fiddly to do. I think I would prefer to tint her lashes before maybe a day or two to make things easier.

I have tinted lower lashes using cotton disc cut to size and just wetted and placed under the lower lashes as close as you can get to the lid. I then painted each eyelash with the tint individually and wiped off with cotton pads and water. My client that time had an allergy to vaseline so I was unable to use that or anything similar to protect her skin from the tint.

As I say it is doable but you would have to be precise. :green:
yeah i agree it can be done but you wil need to be precise in the application to ensure tint does not catch the adhesive i use cotton discs dampened cut in half moons but i half the cotton pad to reduce thickness so it sits nicely underneath the lashes to catch any tint and remove the tint in a sweeping motion from inner corner of eye to outer corner of eye using damp cotton discs but this wil need to be done carefully good luck lou xxx

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