too soon or not??


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Jul 3, 2007
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Ely, Cambridgeshire
Ok, I would like some advice...

I have just qualified with Creative, having completed their Foundation L & P. The thing is, i was gonna just take it slow n start with friends an build up my experience slowly, i'm in no rush BUT... my hairdresser came round the other day and in the salon she works in, they have a nail tech who is leaving the country in november! Anyway, she suggested I go speak to the owner! I backed down and said I had no experience etc... Anyway, the owner has called me! (she must have given her my number) She said she didnt mind that i was just starting out. But suggested I did them at a lower price. She said the rent would be 70 pounds per week and that would include the credit card machine useage and anything to do with the salon but all my materials and taking booking were up to me. She has asked me to go in and shadow the girl that is there right now and she also wants me to do a set while I'm there, which I dont mind. But am worried I might be taking on too much to soon. Wot do you think?

I'm kinda panicing now!!! :irked:
go for it !!!'ll get lots of experience in lots of ways and that can only be a good thing. Only thing i would ask is that until you do have a steady income from clients that she could maybe charge you less rent for a while.
go for it !!!'ll get lots of experience in lots of ways and that can only be a good thing. Only thing i would ask is that until you do have a steady income from clients that she could maybe charge you less rent for a while.
so you dont think its too soon... because i will inherit all her clients and whilst I dont think all of them will stay, some of them will!!! Feel like I have jumped in at the deep end LOL
I'm new to nail too, and must say if I had that chance.... I'd jump at it. Right now I'm only getting a couple of clients a week and its making for slow progress. Last week I had a set every day and in just 3 or 4 clients i noticed i cut my time. . . by an hour :eek:. Thats a big deal for me as it was taking me 3 Hours to do a full set :o and now it only takes me 2. Also i've noticed a huge difference in my smile lines and over all finish!

Personally i think this is a bit oppertunity to really get going! Good luck whatever you decided.

Lisa xx:hug:

P.s. i'm soo jealous. lol. :green:
I only wish I'd had a chance like that when I finished my foundation course. I'd jump at it if I were you.:)
You go for it hun,
this is exactly what i did when i first qualified, threw myself in at the deep end and it worked out great,
i did sets for £15.00 and got quite a few regulars, i also made sure that i explained to them all that i had just qualified and that they would get a nice set of nails but not perfect and it would take me longer than a tech with lots of experience,
99% of people were fine with this cos i was honest with them and i used to get lots of tips as it wasn't costing them much,
i did this in my friends hair salon and i now have my own little salon, only been open for 5 month but it is doing fairly well and getting better each week,
if nothing else it will give you lots of experiences :hug:
Go for it, that's what I did when I first qualified, although I would expect the salon to take bookings, otherwise how can you do it if you're not there and prospective clients ring the salon number? All you need is a seperate appointment book for them to take bookings in.
Congratulations on what seems like a fantastic you not believe in fate???? :lol::lol::lol:

It does sound a great opportunity for you, some times you've just got to go for it !
£70 a week sounds pretty good, I wish I'd had some salon experience tbh, it would at least helped with me timing for one thing, I work from home and space my clients out so never feel under pressure, thus still working slow 4 years down the line !
I wish you the best of luck hun, I say that because I think you would be a muppet to turn it down, especially as you get to shadow the tech who is there now, sounds like a win win to me:hug:
Wow! You should take it as a good omen that it's all landed in your lap. Best of luck! x

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