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Feb 5, 2003
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OK guys and Sam lol
I have been thinking how to improve training ect for deaf peeps like myself.
One thing I thought of today is that I was over the moon when DVD's came out as they are subtiled and I could watch films with my family. so my thought is could they not do this with training video's............offer them in DVD form also.

Would love to hear your views Sam

Cheers take care Dawnie
This would ba a first step to advancement in tutoring the hearing impaired.........
Might cost a few pounds more............ but it would be such a help for students..........
Yes and if they can do it on DVD's without it costing a bomb, then there has to be a way for sure...........

This visual aid could also be used in a classroom setting...........
So he next qustion is..........who would have to be approached????
Brill idea Dawnie
love Ruth xxx
Just thought I would bring this back up so you dont miss it Sam ;)

Cheers Dawnie xxxxxxx
:D Fantastic idea - would really work well in the class room and would help those of the hearing inpaired. Someone take her idea up!!! :D :D
THanks Dawnie... I did miss this thread.

We are investigating doing all of our training videos on DVD and I will put this idea forward.

Thanks again... its a great idea.
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