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Mar 11, 2003
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west yorkshire
ive just got to say how lucky i feel. i have recently compleated a 4 day foundation course with gina bucceli and it was fantastic. we covered lots.even sculpting which i think i will love.sculpting flowers coloured acrilics and also handeling awkward clients, the nails that she puts out of her salon are so fine hope i will get that good one day. she is at the other end of the phone if i hav any ??? and all that with creative products wow.. then last week i did an airbrush course with katherine rae wat a star. was up till 2am next morn BONDING with my gun and looking arounr the house to see wat i could spray next. i feel very lucky
Wow! I didn't know you learnt so much on the foundation course!!! Where did you do it?

I'm still saving to do mine - probably in September. I think Essex is my nearest training centre.

Essex is a brillient Creative Nail Academy and Tracey Leja who runs it recently won our Educator of the year award.

We try very hard to maintain a standard at all of our academies.

We normally do not cover (as part of the syllabus of a foundation course) coloured acrylics. You need to walk before you can run ... although if time permits we may give a demonstration of how to use them as we do sculpting.

I'm sure you will enjoy the whole experience.
Is there one in Hammersmith? Think I read it somewhere, but I may be guessing.

I've decided to ask my boyfriend for Creative Nail training for my birthday - think I'd better warn him tonight! :D

Yes it is run by Ketan Patel - 5 times UK Champion Nail Technician

He has several Educational Ambassadors there as well as himself who run classes.

If you ring the central booking number they will give you all the locations of the Creative Nail Academies.
Scratch magazine! That's where I read about him! He mentioned you as his mentor - I think you're now the mentor to another 316 members of this board! You're certainly mine!

Thank you for all your advice and help.

Kx :D
Well that made me smile Karen ... Thank you.

Now that I am sort of "retired" ... not ... The Geeks message board gives me the chance to still teach and hopefully inspire you all a little bit.

And just so you don't all think I'm behind the times, I still attend regular educational events to keep up to date :D

Still awaiting my copy of SCRATCH to reach me here in Spain. Can't wait to see it. Thank you again for the nice sentiments. ;)
hi ya it was a glitter/ sculptured demonstration geeg. but i had to do a hand of sculptured for my exam.if im not wrong did you train Gina Buccelli in leeds or pontefract yorkshire im sure she mentioned something like that. had lots of verry good things to say both about you and creative
Yes, I have known Gina for MANY years now and it pleases me so much to hear the comments you made about her and your class. Yes Gina did attend my class initially in Leeds. You must pass on my best wishes to her when you next meet.
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