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Well my Mum says that if I buy a nice professional uniform (i.e the gorgeous ones Creative wear!) Then it doesn't matter that for my first year of owning my shop I won't have any money to buy clothes, because I will be wearing that for 6 days a week anyway! :D


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Sep 5, 2003
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Rushden, Northamptonshire, UK
Hi All,

I am not over keen on the usual white "mandarin" collar tops that most the uniform manufacturers seem to want us nail techs to wear.

Over the past year I have bought loads of white trousers and tops, but I'm getting bored!!!!

What I would really like is some white flying/jump suits. Slightly J Lo and slightly combat, if you know what I mean.

I have looked everywhere with no luck. Any one seen anything around or got any ideas?

Glynis :rolleyes:
I have almost never given thought to here in the USA. On they sell them sure, but very much limited to employee in a I'm getting a paycheck for working for a salon type of setting.

Booth or space renters and independent contractors and also the high volume/ low price shops ---- very very rare to see a uniform there. It is to many so much a kind of 1955 look to put beautician workers into white medical looking uniforms.

And in the past when we employed people in the business, I would much more have been likely to perfer Levis kakhi pants with Landsend white cotton banded pullovers NOT a medical looking white uniform.
SO hope some others share what is happeing concerning uniforms where they work as I would like to learn more about the overseas business.
Well as most of you know, I am an American and have seen both sides of the market (USA and Europe) and know both sides of the market very well.

In Europe, Ken, we do favour the professional (what we consider professional anyway) look of a uniform. We call ourselves professionals so that is the image we generally like to portray. The look does not have to be sterile and antiseptic but yes, more the beauty therapist type of thing.

Not everyone wears uniform, and we still have our 'jeans t-shirt and baseball cap' end of the market but by and large, the better end salons create a professional look. I'll tell you what, it sure saves on 'thinking time' in the morning when getting ready and on clothes buying.

Here in the UK we also favour a school uniform for children. Again it saves on clothes, and it saves on kids being anxious about what they wear, and it saves on class distinction.
A real problem I have with uniforms is finding a nice one to fit! I'm a big lass (size 20/22) but the only uniforms I can buy make me look like a midwife! all the trendy ones stop at a size 16 and to be honest even the ones that are a size 20/22 are a little on the small side! :( I've taken to wearing black stretch trousers with black tops now, generally I wear slip on mule shoes but as it's getting a bit colder that might change soon! Jx
Following night after night on the internet :ack: , I have finally found the sort of thing I was looking for. It will need a bit of a tweak (taking the lace things out) but other than that I think it fits the purpose.

I have ordered 5!! Now all I have to do is lose enough weight to get into the size I ordered (thank goodness for the Royal Mail strike), and plan my emergency toilet strategy!

I hope this link works if not go on to Ebay and search item No. 2866479187

ebay to take a look at your uniform. I certainly like it. And it certainly does say 2003, not 1958 that is for sure.
wow they are stunning!!

collette xx
Well this jumpsuit looks fab, I even would leave the lace up bit in there..........
Logo on the back and I would gladly wear that..............

Over the past few years we have worn all sorts of uniforms..........
From matching black t-shirts with logo and black combats to white t-shirts with logo and white combats...........

Uniform means a united look for all that work in your establishment.......
even if it's just one lol................If you are a sole trader or space renter in a hairdressers, people take notice of what you wear............

Take a look at all the smart places around specialy here in London..........
Toni and Guy , their hairdressers wear neat black t-shirts and black pants.......
Look at the cool uniforms Creative wear at their stands.................
It just says, I am a professional, take pride in my business, take pride in my appearance, I took the time to select a look right for my surroundings ............

It takes the pain out of, what am I going to wear today, you don't ruin good clothes, i.e. acetone accident, nail polish accident aso..........
It's great for advertising your business, specialy if you wear your logo on your uniform.................

The days where Nail Techs looked like stern dental assistants have gone........
I took my cue in uniform from Creative, I loved the look so much that I got some nice black tunics ,mandarin collar, side slit and nice smart black pants from Next....
Boy my male clients love the look and I get loads of complements on my professional look..................
But hey as I say, a uniform doesn't make a great Technician, but it maks a great Technician look great..................

love Ruth xxxxxxxxx
I love the trendy black uniforms - particularly the oriental style - but I have been shocked at how expensive they are!, especially as you would certainly need more than one - I am just starting out and this is going to be a big expense for me but, I feel, a necessary one as it's so important to not just look the part, but feel it too.
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