Updating clients details,do you??


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Jan 15, 2006
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What a nightmare Ive had,last week my boss texts me at 6am to say she's not well and could I cancel/rebook all her clients.I knew it would be a pain to do,as we dont have our clients records stored on pc(dont have a pc in salon full stop)So it would mean I would have to search through endless record cards.It was our busy day,thursday and we work a 10 & a half hour day.

Anyway,getting back to my point, it was amazing how many clients change their phone numbers or move etc,thankfully managed to cancel/re-book everyone.So I was quite pleased got that sorted.:)

Then today,phone call saying she's not well again(not her fault,I know,bless her)This was at 7am,and my day off:eek:So into work I go,and my God what a nightmare,1 number I couldn't find at all,client been with us for about 8 years and although we obviously check no changes(health wise)we hadn't updated phone number.

So this is just a word of warning to you guys,it's a horrible thing when you cant find clients numbers if/when the inevitatable happens and you have to cancel.Luckily I managed to contact her through another means but imagine if she had turned up at the salon any nobody there, with just a note on the door.

So dont forget to update your phone numbers as well,as personal details,i.e medications etc geeks,people change their mobiles like nobodies business these days.HTH:green:
Maybe this thread could be copied to all pro forums,as it applies :D

Many thanks Bab's for a great reminder :hug:
Glad u reminded me of this as a lot of clients tend to give there mobile numbers and then when u need to call them they have got a new number !

Will try and do an update this week ! :)
Yes been there.... it is a nightmare!

I now insist!!!! that all my therapist have to write a contact number in the diary for each client that is the best number to get them on, on the day of their appointment... incase we have to rearrange!!!

This saves time looking for record cards too!

manda xxx

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