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Jun 1, 2003
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Dublin, Ireland.
An earlier thread which stated 'We all know who Leighton Denny is' jogged my memory......

A friend of mine from Eastbourne had mentioned her forthcoming trip to Knightsbridge and that she was thinking about making an appointment for nail extensions at the 'Urban Retreat' in Harrods.

I had promised her I would phone them to ask which acrylic system they used, so did so a couple of hours ago.

I explained why I was calling and that I would like to know which acrylic system they used as my friend will only have EZ Flow or Creative Nail Design used on her nails. The lady who answered the phone said she had never heard of these systems! I said "I'm sorry, I must have the wrong number, I was looking for the Urban Retreat, the website says you offer nail extensions?" "Yes," she says, "we do manicure". I explained again that my friend wanted nail extensions and I was trying to find out which acrylic system they used. "I'll go and ask the manager" she says. A little while later she returns and tells me they use 'Jessica' products. I told her that 'Jessica' products were for the natural nail and asked did they apply nail extensions. Finally, I was told yes, they applied acrylic nail extensions. So I asked which system they used. "We use acrylic for our nail extensions" I was told. OK, I'm getting kind of weary here just trying to get a simple answer to a simple question. I asked again, "which acrylic system do you use for your acrylic nail extensions, do you use EZ Flow or Creative Nail Design for example?" Again, "no, we use acrylic". I'm banging my head on the wall at this point, "I know you use an acrylic system, what I'm asking is 'which' acrylic system - if you don't know which system, is there someone there who can tell me, please?" "No" she says, "I don't know which system we use, it is an acrylic system".

I gave up at this point and told her I would be advising my friend against making an appointment there as nobody could tell me which acrylic system they use.

Is it a secret? And if so, why? Are they embarrassed by the system they use? Or is it something to do with not using the same systems they promote (or maybe it's because they do!). When people phone me and ask which system I use I tell them I primarily use EZ Flow, but if they are a die-hard CND person, then they can have that instead.

And if it isn't a secret, why don't the staff know? I would have thought a nail salon in Harrods would have staff able to answer the simplest of questions regarding their products. I know for sure if a High Street salon here in Dublin wasn't able to tell me about their products, then I'd give them (and advise other people to) a wide berth.

Anyone ever had their nails done there? Does anyone else here feel that they shouldn't have to answer simple questions such as what systems they use? If so, why?
i cant believe you spoke to someone that didnt know anything, what a joke just goes to show you dont it , i definatley wouldnt be going there ,(not that i could afford to anyway lol :lol: )
LOL Jackie, hope your head is not aching after all that bashing against the brick wall!

I'm sure I read about Leighton Denny opening up in the Urban Retreat, doesn't he use Alida - The Edge products??

Never mind, if she still gets to Harrods, a walk round the Food Halls is just the best, I always find a few things to bring home - yum!


Those Food Halls are the best, aren't they? When I lived in Eastbourne my friends and I had 'Knightsbridge' days every couple of months - the money we'd spend!!!!

Anyway, thanks for the info. I knew LD promoted that product but wanted to know what they used in the salon. It just seems so strange that nobody could or would tell me the system! :confused:

Yes Leighton Denny does use The Edge by Alida, he is the so called face of the Edge, he did a demo nail on me at Olympia................I'm sure that they would use these products at the Urban Retreat, but dont quote me on that

I can't believe after all the hype and promotions for LD at Harrods, that the staff don't know what is being used...............?????
I am shure if I was to open up a new palce anywhere, believe you me I would make sure everybody would know the ins and outs of service and products.............right down to the food hall lol...............

Maybe communication breakdown..??? But not a good advert, what a shame xxxx
Lily said:

Yes Leighton Denny does use The Edge by Alida, he is the so called face of the Edge, he did a demo nail on me at Olympia................I'm sure that they would use these products at the Urban Retreat, but dont quote me on that


I thought it might be the case Lily (Happy Birthday, by the way) but just wanted to make sure. I've already phoned my friend anyway and told her that it definately isn't EZ flow or CND so she's looking elsewhere. Pity cos she quite liked the sound of it and had seen the write ups on the Urban Retreat and was pretty keen to go and get pampered. Does anyone know of a salon (using EZ Flow or CND) in the Knightsbridge area that will pamper the life out of her? She's not bothered about the cost, spends a fortune on herself normally.

I've had a pm from one of LD's friends and he's going to tell him what happened when I phoned, so hopefully the staff will be able to help the next person who asks.
They use CND L+P at Harrods right now and have done for about 8 years!! This is also what LD trained with, with Gigi in 1992!! I remember the very day he arrived at our C.N.A. Leeds with his step brother John!! I assume he is under contract with Alida but that is what I can tell you to-date!!
Harrods 5th floor salon has for the past 20 years that I have been involved with them ... chopped and changed their systems a million times!!!

They have used OPI, Backscratchers, Jessica, Creative, you name it, the system changes every time a new manager or nail technician goes in there. No wonder the people there don't know what is being used. Nightmare scenario and the staff is continually changing.

Leighton Denny has used Creative products in his various salons since he attended my class along with his step brother (Whatever you have read, his training was not in the USA) at the Leeds School of manicuring about 10 years ago. Gina Wallace was on the same course!!!

Whatever he is doing now to earn a living with The Edge, is for his own reasons, but my guess is that he will not be in the Harrods salon forever and then they will go back to, or change to another system yet again!
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