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Sep 10, 2013
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Hello everyone,
This is my first post so your literally popping my geek cherry :)

I have a lady coming in who has very damaged hair (student stylist) her collage have refused to help her out and often leaves collage in tears as there really being quite unprofessional. My only concern is why they won't do her hair? It's either 1 her hair ? or 2 personal ?

She had bleached n toned hair, then went. What were left with is a washed out red xxl product used with dark roots.

Please can you give me your best ideas as I really want to make it shine so she can smile again xx

I have freed my column up for 3 hours so enough time to sort it, thanks in advance, any help with per pigment faves or colours to use would be helpful, going for end result being brown, nothing else but one colour will make her happy xx thank you in advance for any hints x
Hi welcome to salon geek. I think first you are going to have to take into consideration how damadged her hair is and how hard xxl is to remove. Try and get her to have a good cut first of all maybe some treatments. Could possibly try bleach and hot water to remove some red tone but if hair is really damaged would not try and colour strip or bleach bath. Without seeing it I don't like recommending colour choice.
I would firstly do a incompatibility test, as she has xxl previous and do a strand test with the desired colour.

What is her natural base shade and her shade she is now and what depth are u aiming for. Is she wanting a warm brown? X
Hi thanks for the responses, her natural base shade is a 5 to 6 and yes would love to give her a warm brown shade, I have to do her hair tomorrow she's attending a funeral and really needs it fixing, no time for treatments :(

I was thinking to Pre pig her hair but was unsure what colour to use as the xxl has left a washed out pink tone, I can't put any form of wash bleach or other as her hair is so bad on the mid to end sections. I will definitely cut before hand brilliant idea stop it from snapping in process ta, x

Please feel free to comment just need an idea, :)
Hi Dye4Hair, what colour line are you most familiar with? Did you have a target shade in mind? What level would you say the pink is through the lengths and ends? Apart from the regrowth, is the pink colour even thought the hair?
Hi, I currently stock nxt colours as that's what was used in my last salon and what I have the most experience with. The client has a base shade between 5 and 6 with a heavier washed out red tone on the healthy hair. Mid length and ends is a mucky pink. Similar to the candy floss pink with a hint of violet/grey.

I have been qualified now for 2 years but most of my experience was in a town based salon where I took over a previous stylists column & clients. so really just followed client cards and learned bits, but have not done this damaged hair before. The salon was very expensive and you didn't come across this at all. But now I have my own thing and I'm affordable and my lord the colours that come in!! It's amazing and crazy and I'm loving it, just want to make this spot on x
If the colour isn't grabbing on the ends your going to be really stuck with what to do. If your looking for a warm brown of a base 5 then pre pig in a red. Wellas mix tones are great for pre pigging. Not sure what it would be in nxt. But unfortunately if the pre pig doesn't take neither will your target shade so sounds a bit hit and miss till you start and know how well the colour is going to take! Good luck
The general rule is one shade lighter one shade warmer
So of your going to do a 5 brown copper
U would use a 6 level brown copper/red
So go up a shade and intensity the warmth of the target shade.. Make swnse?
I like that thanks ladies, what would you pre pig with mix etc
Definitely carry out tests for metallic salts, porosity and elasticity.

Usually colleges relish a complicated colour job for their level 3 students to learn from so I'd be wary if they don't want to touch it.

If it's very porous and won't hold colour, suggest she buys a coloured hairspray to cover the pink just for the funeral and retail her some treatments in the meantime.

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