Vegan waxing?


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Hello fellow beauticians, can anyone recommend a vegan brand of waxing?
I went vegan myself a while back and working towards changing all my beauty products I use on my clients to be vegan and as natural as possible. I’m currently using Jax wax from Australia which is quite expensive and find my old brand Perron Riggot much nicer to use (but not a Vegan company).
What vegan wax brands are you all using and how happy are you with them?
Any suggest greatly appreciated x

Lynne Baker

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Apparently Adam and Eve do a vegan wax. I recently lost a client to someone who uses this because she's a (very aggressive!) vegan, and told me I was killing bees by using Perron Rigot.

House Beauty

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Adam and Eve is the best of the best.

There's one called Australian outback I think but I didn't try it. Sienna X warm waxes are vegan but my god don't even go there. I've still got 6 pots left from my order and it barely removes a hair. Only seems to work on super flat areas like men's backs which surprised me as the hair is so dense. But I will never use near legs or bikini line ever again. Torturous. Can't wait til it's gone.

I use outback organics .. their opal hot wax and true blue strip are vegan :)


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We use both Outback Organics and Adam and Eve and they are both amazing!
Also Salon System tea tree is a vegan waxing

We use Sienna X in our salon, my therapists swear by it and get good feedback from clients. We were using a wholesalers own brand to begin with but switched to Sienna X because a lot of our clients were asking for vegan friendly treatments and Sienna had good reviews.. never looked back since and personally haven't had an issue with it not removing hair :)

is Jax wax not the rebranded version of Adam and Eve?

Ive just checked with perron to go and all of their strip waxes are vegan friendly. The only hot waxes that are vegan friendly are cashmere and crystalline.
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I’ve just seen this post and thought I would add that I’ve been trained and use The Elite Wax Group wax which is vegan