Very short eyelashes - advice needed please...


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Mar 27, 2008
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Shenfield, Essex
Hi Geeks,

I need a little advice as I've not long been doing Eyelash Extensions...

My friend has very short natural lashes, shortest I've ever seen and her eyes are quite sunken in too. She wants me to do a set on her and has said that she's had them done before and they put 10mm & 12mm. My first response was that 10mm were way too long for her natural lash as they wouldn't last, cause them to droop etc. I know I am asking a lot here as you haven't seen them but any advice would be greatly appreciated. I want to put a lash order in tonight (need to get various sizes and thickness etc) and want to make sure I'm getting the right curl for a sunken in eye??? :eek:

Sorry to blabber on, thanks in advance,

A very confused geek x

As you said, difficult without seeing them but as a rule, I would use B curl to set the bones and fill with J curl.

With deep set eyes a curl c would just empahise this, you want a lash which is going to bring the eyes out.

As for lengths, thicknesses, again difficult without seeing but if you say 12mm are too long I would do maybe 6 & 8mm with a very few 10mm on the outer corner in B curl either .2 or .15 whichever you think her natural lashes could take and then fill with J curl .15 7mm and a few 9mm towards the outer edge. Hopefully this will give you a nice feathered look.

Good luck

H xx
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Many thanks Heather, I have ordered the B curl in various sizes and thickness, hopefully all goes well!

Really appreciate your reply and help.

Lorraine x

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