warning!!!! dissolving nails dont do it!!


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lotus blossom

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Jan 24, 2005
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just to let you all know after doing some very important experiments!!
i can gladly announce that i have found that GROUT does make your nails dissolve!!

after doing my kitchen and doing it all myself whilst wearing nails!!
that grouting with your fingers is a no no!!
it softens the product to an almost jelly tot like substance!!
so today i wore latex gloves whilst floor grouting and my nails are strong as an ox!!!

what do you find makes your nails go funny?????
Clilit bang this stuff would melt plastic :eek:
nothing cos i wear non soak off gel....:green:
... :lol:
nothing cos i wear non soak off gel....:green:
... :lol:

show off!!

i actually had a top gloss uv thing on mine, but this dissolves from underneath!!
i spose i could paint it on the underside too!! indestructable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have a client who will not stop bleaching her dishcloths every few weeks and doesn't wear her gloves. I can always tell when she's just done them lol
i found that when i blend essential oils, they tend to make my nails go very sticky - not to melting point tho - but still not good

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