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Jan 9, 2003
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Just to let you all know... Helen emailed me to let me know that the Watchdog MMA episode wouldnt be on this tuesday... She will let me know when... but it should be next week.

are you going to put a snippet of it on the site?
Sawadee ka

The television now think them have big story and want to find some bad them can find and for sure them can .

Every body in nail will make suffer for sure .

Television not do you good .

I know tv like this i see before television .

Kop khun ka mui
I think Mui has a point here.

The whole thing has me worried. :(

I have only ever had 2 dealings with watch dog and both times they were grossly unfair to the people involved and both times one of their own little group of friends was involved in the complaint.

One was a complaint about a holiday (the guy bringing the complaint was a TV producer (which they failed to mention) and a neighbor of mine!) He got the holiday for free in the end.

The other was slamming a very well known girl who was the first person to bring permanent make up to the UK - she was excellent at her job and the TV programme nearly finished her off. She sued and won her case but the damage was horrendous. Guess what ... the wife of one of the programmes people had just started up in competition to this girl in the permanent make up business!!! hmmmm!! Makes you wonder doesn't it?

The word fair does not come to mind on these 2 occasions -- how many others are there that are similar I wonder?
you certainly have a point there geeg, i guess we should all serously consider the effect this will have. how do you think it will effect the nail industry?? or should we all ready ourselfs with a geek petition!! ;)
I agree with the above posts, as there are always going to be people who will misinterprete the programme no matter how positive it may be
(I hope). Or jump to the wrong conclusion :rolleyes:. on the other hand the public as a whole needs to be educated on this issue. Lets all hope the outcome is a positive one to the nail industry.
Oh YAY a Geek petition - what fun!

But seriously I have to say that people who have had their nails done will probably be better educated by the end of the programme (YAY) but those who haven't will probably see no further than the headlines (as usual) and will get all nervous about it(BOOOO)

I guess it will be ok if the programme is very clear about the differences between reputable nail techs and "others" - guess it'll be a case of suck it and see! (are we still allowed to use that expression?????)
Ruth :oops:
I have to admit, I am really nervous about this. :? I am disapointed that it isn't on tomorrow because I am very interested to know how the nail industry will be portrayed as a whole. :?

Samuel must be much more nervous than we are, but I know that we can all trust he put up a good arguement and stood up for us all. I just know how badly they edit things and they can make it seem however they decide.

Which personally I think is ridiculous! Isn't WatchDog suppose to get to the bottom of things and show things for what they really are? Maybe someone should uncover Watchdog for once!

Anyway, fingers crossed. They will certainly have a lot of angry Techs on their hands if they mess this up! :evil: :twisted: :evil: :twisted:
Damn, I'd be interested in seeing this show.
*wonders if it will ever be shown here in Oz*
hiya all
with regards to the watchdog portrayal of the nail industry.
i was standing behind samuel & the presenter kate, while they prepared for & filmed the interview.
even though i'm very aware that watchdog is capable of a hatchette job, the sheer content of the dialogue would be v.difficult to be made into something that it completely wasn't.
considering they did on average upto 20 takes on each piece to camera, i almost know the script word for word! :shock:
i've been trying to rearrange the dialogue in my head to make it sound screwed up, & sofar i'm reasonably confident that based on the answers that samuel gave, it can't back it that negative .
also, as i was with them they whole time (9am-8pm) i witnessed how careful they were over the dialogue, as far as what they could say legally.
they spoke to people like doug schoon as to get accurate info.
the only quibble i had, & i disscused it with sam, was that they used words that were in "laymans" terms. as sam pointed out this is a common problem when dealing with the consumer press, as they don't want to "confuse" the public.
the biggest problem with nss is that you cannot drag "nail techs" kicking & screaming to education. the only way open to us is to educate the public.
this is not going to b a quick or easy task :shock:
someone has to put their head above the parapet to start the ball rolling, & if the people concerned on the over side act as snipers & shoot, then they will have an army of geeks to contend with! :fire:
roll on watchdog so we can stop worrying about it :shock:
lol liza xx
Well here's hoping that they do a competent and fair job ... but as Anthony says, I think it would be wise for all of us to be proactive and to be ready for the questions that will follow from our clients ... because they will be asking them for sure.

Samuel and Lisa will have done a brilliant job. Of that there is no doubt.
I've also seen Watchdog be very sneaky and not very fair in the way they treated Whirlpool - i worked there at the time so i agree with Geeg on this.

I'm also very nervous that it'll scare people from having their nails done. :?

Lets just hope that Wtachdog do portray it fairly and that people understand exactly what they mean and that having extensions on your nails is not a "bad" thing :rolleyes:
An incident similar to this happened here in the states, the show was 20/20. You just have to be prepared for phone calls and offering explinations, have handouts ready, have info on your websites. Forewarned is forearmed!!

there is an awesome site you can link to on your sites that is for consumer viewing:
Just to add, years ago I had my 15 mins of fame on Radio and a TV programme that still continues and appears to give balanced views. But I learnt a really good point that day as I sat fuming. I had been invited as an "honoured Guest" specifically to give my point of view - which sadly was nice and bland and in favour of the topic of the programme. THIS MAKES BORING TV AND PEOPLE WANT EXCITEMENT!

I do hope that all goes well - I had not got to the Nail Geek website, and watched the whole of Watchdog, in fear, with the Video ready to record all! Also looking with a magnifying glass at "Kate's" nails!

I wondered about the feasibility of putting a notice in my Window to say that my products were professional and did not contain MMA. Or basically nullifying any negativity, but will need to watch first and take action after. Perhaps others might have a view to a "statutory statement" that we could use :?:

Anyway, here's booking the space in my diary to watch at 7pm next Tuesday, and space on the family computer thereafter :!: :D :D

Please if there is anything you did not feel in control about, be sure that it is NOT your fault and people would not watch TV, buy newspapers etc if the news was always cheerful and balanced.

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