Waxing Diabetics

Had a client booked in for waxing last night, but when she had filled in consultation form she stated that she was diabetic, so i siad I would need a doctors note. (she has had waxing done loads of times before and no-one has ever queried the diabetes).

When i looked at my text book when I got home (I started studying in Sept 2003 - so not really old), diabetes is not in the contra-indicated table but in a seperate table labelled 'proceed with caution'.

My insurers (BABTAC) have said at first this morning that it was a contra-indication and that the treatment can not be performed at all - when i told them what it says in my textbook - they said they would look into it further and call me back later on this morning.

Obviously I'm waiting for BABTAC to come back to me with an answer before I go ahead - but in the meantime I just wondered if anyone else has ever queried this with their insurers?



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I haven't queried it with my insurers, but I have diabetes and I do wax my legs and epilate under my arms.

The reason why you have to be careful is mainly due to infection, if you pull out hair and you get the little blood spots, then someone who is diabetic, is more prone to that open wound (albeit small) to infection. Furthermore, the wounds take longer to heal.

Also, you will find that a person with diabetes will also have a tendency to thrush not only in personal areas but in places such as under the breasts or anywhere which has a tendency to be sweaty! This obviously exposes you to infection.

If I remember rightly it is all to do with the way in which the body excretes the sugars through the skin and then reacts to sweat, bacteria etc - but somebody else may be able to confirm that!

If the lady only wants her legs waxing, usually it shouldn't be a problem as they are not covered as much with clothing, so there will be less chance of any infection (or bacteria) being a major problem - mainly as they are more exposed to air.

You will also find that the better the person controls their sugars, the better their skin will be!

I would say that you should go by what your insurers say though, even though the risk is minimal - you can't guarantee that a client would not exacerbate an infection albeit unintentional :!:

Hopefully, nobody will shoot me down for the above, I nearly didn't answer as I have had "run ins" with some people who are highly emotive about waxing and diabetes! I now can say with confidence what my personal experiences have been in connection with waxing and diabetes!

Thanks for your reply. My client wants her bikini and eyebrows waxed. She has just called me to let me know she has obtained a doctors note this morning - she is desperate for her wax she is going hols on Saturday.

HOWEVER - I have told her that I am waiting for insurers to come back to me and apologised for messing her about. I have told her that I can't go ahead unless they give me the all clear and she thoroughly understands that. I think that she is just happy to have someone dealing with her professionally as she has booked in for other treatments as well. Just hope that I can do the waxing for her as well - otherwsie I feel like I have messed her around by asking her to get a doctors note.

Have just read the Habia guidelines and they say that the treatment should only be performed after clearence given by a GP, so I am going ahead with my clients appointment, taking into account precautions with reagrd to heat of wax, sufficient stretching, good aftercare (as normal!).


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I'm sure you will be fine and that you will do a fantastic job :hug:

Just another thought - you will need to be extra careful with the temperature of your wax - sometimes the nerve endings can be damaged and the client may not be able to feel that the wax is burning her - I'm sure you will do this anyway, but again it is something to watch out for :hug: