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Apr 14, 2003
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hi guys
just wondering if anyon knows about setting up web sites i have a freind who is going to make one for me he informs me that there are no copy right laws on using pictures off of the net (or was it if it was off an americian site i cant remember) anyway i dont want to step on anyones toes!! i would just like to find some nice piccys of nails hands ect to use on my web site if anyone has any downloads i can use of websites i can use pics from let me know
I just recently found quite a few sites with free pics to use. All I did was do a search on beauty clip art and found tons of pictures that I was able to use.
Make sure the pictures you steal are not copyrighted!! © Look for the little symbol. You can make some things on your own or your friend maybe can in paint shop or a similar graphics program, or see if any of your clients can draw or can you draw? Original art make your site stand out as original and shows your creativity.
If I ever want to use a picture or something from another site, I email the site owner and ask for permission, rather than just going ahead and taking them. I certainly wouldnt be happy if I found my pictures on someone's site without them asking.

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