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Sep 12, 2010
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Coventry, Warwickshire
Hi all, as the title says would love abit of feedback and opinions on my website now ive changed my name. :)


i have yet to put my logo on there but im just interested to see what you fellow geeks think and if theres anything i have missed. Thanks in advance. chelsea x
Hi Chelsea, I've just checked this on both my phone and in safari so saw both views of your website. The design, colour scheme and layout are all beautiful.

I do have a few pointers of errors that need correcting. They are all small errors nothing major but peppered throughout. You really need to sit down with someone and get them to spell-check it with you.

There are lots of examples where a small I needs to be a capital "I". You have typo's like consulation where I think you mean consultation? I think you need to decide on your welcome page whether you are a "We" or "I". I personally don't think there's any point talking about your company as "we" if it's just you? Much better off selling yourself and your expertise.

Overall you have a lot of content on there and it's a beautiful site but I haven't managed to check every page - I can do when I get to a pc though. Well done so far xx
website looks great hun but as said needs spell checking and grammar checking. Make sure all your i's in sentences are in capitals as well as capital letters for City and Guilds and names including Qualified Hairdresser,

apart from that looks great and well done, good luck xx
Ok thankyou will have a look later on at those.
Good point about 'we' 'I' I never know which to use so think I'll change it to just 'I' thankyou x
I agree with all the comments.

A couple of things on the spray tanning page that caught my eye. You say about contacting you for more details regarding tanning parties, you may as well write what you need to on the site, i.e. 5+ ladies = £12.50 each or whatever your offer may be.

Also, you say to exfoliate with a granule mix-I wouldn't say this as a lot of granule or salt mixes contain oil /s and these will compromise the tan.

Thankyou miss pink, will change my details re the spray tanning page, that's something I never really push and advertise so it's mainly existing hair clients that have a spray tan so need to think of ideas to promote them.
Thanks for taking the time to have a look :) x
I agree with the previous posters comments and I have a couple more.....

I can't see anywhere that it mentions what area you live in / are based in / service. In my experience having this mentioned helps your google ranking.

Also, I don't really think it's professional to put kisses on your website. What ever you do, keep it consistent.

Hope this helps.
Also, I don't really think it's professional to put kisses on your website. What ever you do, keep it consistent.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Lucy-Jane, didnt realise I had put any kisses on there, it is a habit of mine sometimes lol. its now gone. ive tweaked all the changes that have been noted, hope thee's no more lol
thanks everyone. :)
I see you've put where you're based - might be a good idea putting the county in as well (is it Warwickshire?!) - having this mentioned a few times on your website is a good idea. I'm not sure of the technical aspects of how it works but when it comes to your google ranking, in my experience it helps!
I might be inclined to reword the following paragraph.....

My name is Chelsea Tedds, I am a Fully Qualified and Insured Hairdresser.
I have been in the industry now since 2007.
Since completing my NVQ with City and Guilds, I went on to train with 'Balmain' and I am now a Fully Qualified Balmain Hair Extension Specialist and Hair Extension Removal Specialist.

To something like this.....

My name is Chelsea Tedds and I am a fully qualified and insured Balmain Hair Extension and Extension Removal Specialist.

I have been part of the industry since 2007 having completed my NVQ in Hairdressing with City and Guilds and further training for extensions exclusively with Balmain.

Sorry, the first couple of lines of your opening paragraphs just didn't read right to me with the short sentences. If the dates / course details are wrong, change them. Certain things also shouldn't be capitalised which I have amended.


I am Home-Based Located in the Bedworth Area

...... The only word apart from 'I' that should be capitalised in this is Bedworth.

I can see a few more typos and us/we instead of I/me, might be best to see if someone can sit down next to you and just proof read it. It's always better to have someone with a fresh set of eyes.
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Thankyou Lucy-Jane you have been really helpful. i have amended the paragraph now to what you suggested. thankyou again
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