Wedding Fayres- any ideas?


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Dec 4, 2007
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Hello, hope u all had a good christmas. I was just wondering if any of you have ever done a wedding fayre before? Im doing one in January and was wanting to know what sort of things to do? i mean obviously i would have my portfolio and business cards but any other ideas? I do l+p nails, makeup and will soon be doing spray tanning(hopeful to get training in Jan). Would you put an offer on to attract brides or a competetion? any ideas? Thanks:eek:
I got married this year, and I was very frustrated that no one catered for alternative tastes. Perhaps there's not a big market for this I dont know, but so many people turned my business away because the limit of their services was white/ivory and traditional wedding styles. I think that if you offer some alternative styles in addition to the traditional that you might see some interest. Lots of brides now are wearing coloured dresses, I wore a burgundy shot black taffeta dress, and finding accessories was a nightmare. If I was you I would offer some darker colours and some bold designs, they might not be your cup of tea, but you might attract some business from someone who does like that sort of thing :)
Hiya hun, i've been wondering the same thing, i'm booked to do a big wedding fair locally, i have a couple of florist friends who have done the same fair in the past and they said there weren't any demos, so i'm inlisting friends to come and have bridal make-up done during the show, its a two day event sio i thought i'd do two a day, as well as that i'm going to put together a little package wrapped in ribbon, at these events you get so bombarded with flyers that they need to stand out a bit hth xx
Some good ideas there, michelle do u mean a bit more out there makeup rather than just natural looking? and colourful nails?
And i have decided that im gonna put 2getha an envelope with my business name & website/ phone number on. inside made a postcard with 10% offer on and business card with some of that glitter confetti. dont know what else to put in it but i spose its better than just a leaflet
i have been at 2 wedding fayres this year, both times i took my table, kit bag and all! but what i find does work is if i am sitting 'working'. on both occassions i took a volunteer and worked away adding bits on as i felt like it, different coloured gels an, glitter tips and seemed all the time i was busy people felt more at ease to stand and watch and then i could engage them in conversation without them feeling uncomfortable, often telling them things that they were too scared to ask. i was then able to pass them cards, price lists, and many i was able to book in in advance and therefore offer them a discount if they added more friends and family in.
i hope this helps....
For weddings I would actually consider puting together an old fashioned portfolio. A lot of brides love to sit down and flick through things as opposed to just going on a website.

You could get something that resembles a wedding photo album, but put pictures of the nails and make-up you've done. It would look as though you had a good focus on weddings then, it would grow as you do more.

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