wedding nails on a cannibal!


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Oct 26, 2003
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Hi guys,
Need any hints or tips you may have please!

I had a call yesterday from a lady saying i had been recomended to do her nails for her wedding :pukeoff: i don't know about HER getting wedding jitters, but i certainly have! it is not just that it is the most important day in a girls life and she wants nice nails, but she classes HERSELF as a severe nail biter aswell. HELP.

i explained that it is a big ask, and she said that she had asked other techs and they wouldn't help her, as her wedding day is just over 1 week away, and she hasn't even got time to have a full set applied until a couple of days before the wedding. she desperatley wants nice nails, and isn't bothered that they may not last the 2 weeks of her honey moon.

anyway i have agreed to do a set of L&P and was wondering if anyone had any tips on making them look perfect for her, if only for the wedding day.

Waiting in hope!!!!!!!!
Hi there

I can't help you with the advice aspect but can speak as someone who wanted nails for my wedding :p

1 day before my wedding i got my first ever set of acrylic nails - they came off the second week of my honeymoon when I was riding a horse around the pyramids of Egypt - I was still dead chuffed with them because they lasted the day and looked great in the wedding photos! ;)
I would say that as long as they stay the day she will probably be very happy with them - after all, they are most important for the photos as they will be what is looked at for years to come! :p

That set of nails set me on my way and I am now a happy little nail techie - see look what that started!!! :shock: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
for that reply, you are probably right, and i am just panicing, as usual. she did say as long as they look nice for the day then she will be happy, so i will do my best for her.

thanks for the reassurance.

Us newbies must start believing in ourselves!!!!!!!!
Hi Beck,

good luck with your wedding nails. A couple of things to look out for - prep - this is really important in a nail biter as the skin is really hard and over grown - can you get a bottle of SolarOil to her to use religiously several times daily until you do her nails. This will make your job a little easier as it will help improve her skin.

Keep the enhancements really short - end of finger and no more - this will give her more chance of keeping them on.

Watch your bead sizes - her nail beds will be really small and it will be so easy to put on too much product and end up with smarties.

Hope this helps a bit.
Well love this is a challenge and half.............
But I am sure you will do brill...........
A few pointers...........
Choose a flat tip, if need be a slightly larger one, that has been adjusted to the right size of her nail bed.............. Pull the sidewalls away from the nail to check the full width of the nail...................
Take some of the contact area out...Little curved scissors are brill.... so you have maximum nailplate for the overlay...this is where your strength will come from the product not the plastic tip......the skin will push the tip upwards, so the side of the tips will have to be carved out, to make allowance for the puffy skin.........a bit like a jigsaw piece, it has to fit nicely ......use gel bond rather then normal EC the tip can't be angled on to the nail, it has to be placed from the top...............the gelbond will fill in the gap, that is usually present in nail biters, this is the area where the hyponychium is usually lower then the nail and the skin...........
regular resin will only give you air the thicker the resin the less chance of air bubbles and it will also cushion the hyponychium area....
Then cut the nail as short as you can, free edge and carry on with blending and products as normal........ Blending can be a bit tricky, so easy does it and a nail edge that is slightly squared off will be better then a rounded or pointed one.............

Good luck,
love Ruth xxx

Can you please explain what you mean by carving out the side walls on the tips?

I get what you mean up to this point then I get a bit confused! :? :oops:

Also the bit about placing from the top?

I know its difficult without you showing me but Im also a bit thick!! :D

Well love,
in order for the tip to fit snug and over the bump of skin, you have to cut out a little arch with some curved scissors............ to create a little bidge.......... cut a fitting arch in the sidewalls, matching the shape and volume of the puffy skin, do this arch from the stop point of the tip to the free edge..................
normaly you would put the tip on, as in rocking it on .....but where there is so much puffy skin you have to come from above, sort of putting it on top rather then from front......hence the thicker resin......... this way no airbubbles..........
hope this helps
love Ruth xxx
You'll see exactly what Ruth means on this website, scroll to the bottom area of the page for nail biters...
for all the help, i am sure i will do fine, i am going to really take my time and concentrate fully on what i am doing, and i think i will practice taking out the side wall aswell, because that is an obvious answer when you think about it, (i'm just a slow at grasping these things!)

i'm gonna get practicing,
thanks for the help.

wish me luck....
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