Well Tomorrow is 'the' day!


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Jo Jo

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Oct 6, 2003
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Hi guys!

Well it's finally arrived, tomorrow is surgery day :eek: scared? me? er... yes actually. I know whats coming this time so I am not quite as happy go lucky as I was last year. I went for a pre-op chat with a nurse at the hosy last week, ecg, x-ray etc.. (which was nice! never got one last year, the NHS must have more money this year :lol: ) and she talked me through everything, the good news is I get morphine which I can control with a button, horrah!!! so Carol if ya ring me chick and I start talkin about pixies you know whats what! :biggrin: The thing that worried me most was that I have to call in the morning just to 'make sure' they have a bed and there is a possibility they could cancel the op and move it to within the month!!! I mean OMG! this is the first time I've come across 'waiting lists' for people who have life threatening illness and I'm so shocked! (and a little naive it seems). Tony Blair had better hope he never meets me thats all I'm saying or I'll rant on for the rest of the day!

Anyway, I'll keep Carol L posted and if anyone wants to send me flowers, chocs, books, jewelry, Dior bags, Prada shoes or the lead singer from HIM or anything else that will be fine! :lol: :lol: :lol: (I AM joking... well about everything apart from the lead singer from HIM)...

Right oh chickletts, heres hoping I actually wake up from the op! take care, lots of love Jo xxxxx
Jo - I hope all goes well! Big Hugs xxx
lots and lots of luck and hugs......... hope it goes well xx
Take care love, hope to hear from you soon...
Will be thinking off you Jo.
Best wishes, take care.
I will be thinking about you tomorrow Jo-Jo :biggrin:
Hope your soon well and the future is going be a rosy one.
Take Care x
hi jo good luck, but you wont need it coz u will be fine , we will all be thinking of u , take care love dee
I didnt know you werent well would I be too bold to ask whats wrong
lindag said:
I didnt know you werent well would I be too bold to ask whats wrong
Linda, do a search "Melon Update" and it will give you the answer!
I've spoken to Jo this morning and she's doing okay. She just sent me a text to say that they have called her to say they dont think they'll have a bed and she's to call in the morning - how stressful is that???

I'll keep you posted as and when i know anything but lets all keep everything crossed for our Jo.
lindag said:
I didnt know you werent well would I be too bold to ask whats wrong

if you check out this thread it will explain all......


hope everything goes well for you jo jo.....i'm sure with the good spirit you have you will be up and about again in no time

Thinking of you Jo, and don't go too heavy with the morphine lovey.....okay knock yourself out..lol
Good luck and god bless I'm sure you know everyone will be routing for you, let us know when you get better
All the best Jo, here's wishing you a speedy recovery........ And I may be showing my age, but who the heck is HIM? And who's the lead singer?? :o
sawasdee ka jo jo

we do not speak too much about this in geek but we have speak about you in the salon it make me want to cry .

Tomorrow we give food to buddah we will speak for you for sure .

I hope i wish every thing is very good for you tomorrow

from friend Mui

Will be thinking of you. Hope you get the bed!!

Does controlling your own morphine mean they do away with the anaethetist then :biggrin: ? Maybe that's where they got the money for the pre-op checks, you seen how much those guys earn :lol: :lol:

All the best,

B x
JackieMc said:
All the best Jo, here's wishing you a speedy recovery........ And I may be showing my age, but who the heck is HIM? And who's the lead singer?? :o

Hi Jackie! that made me laugh, go to www.heartagram.com and you will see who HIM are, they are a finnish rock band and the lead singer Ville Valo is rather erm... nice.. well I think so! If you ever watch Viva la Bam on MTV you will notice Bam wears alot of clothes with their band symbol 'the heartagram' on it! I was a goth way back when and they remind me of good times in my teens and early 20's.

Mui thank you you are a real gem.

I had a call today from the ward saying they may not have a bed for me tomorrow and I have to call first thing, if this is the case then I am going to go to a Bupa hospital and we will pay for it ourselves (eek!) but I can't cope with the stress of waiting any longer, the government have plenty of money to throw at other countries but little to throw at it's own healthcare it seems! strange they seem to want people to wait with illnesses that can eventually kill you! anyway here is hoping!

I'm having a big glass of wine now!

J xxx
Good luck for tomorrow!
Hope you get a bed!
Enjoy the wine!!
Take care of yourself
Jo Jo - fingers crossed sweetie - get those ghosty stories started so you can think about something really useful!!! seriously, we are thinking of you girl - get well soon xxxx;)
Jo Jo, well lets hope they get a bed for ya..............
When I had my little op, similar thing only it was more like a goosberry rather then a melon, they told me when I got to hospital, sorry luv no bed.........well you can imagine me, I was scared witless and just plonked myself on a bed and said, If you think I am leaving here with this inside me think again.....Stupid action but hey, fear makes you do stupid things.....but someone up there was looking down on me and law and behold, all of a sudden they found a bed lol.........It was in the ENT ward but hey I didn't care..........But it made me laugh afterwards.....what if the surgeon had given me a tonselectomy instead of my cervical op...........
But hey who cares, I am still here after 15 years and have been gooseberry free........
So go girl go.......... Faye had morphine to go with her hip replacement........ it was so funny..............we where chatting away after the op and all of a sudden snooze.............she had pushed the button............. It is fab and works a treat babe....

Your amazing attitude and humour will see you through all this............
Huggs to you and Hubby, must be hard for him too.......... Men dont say much, do they........but it dont mean they dont feel it too xxxxxx

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