what a cr*p day...


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Feb 8, 2003
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launton near bicester,oxon
thanks for all your support and messages over my last posting of this morning, but now babtac have just telephoned me!
I am in my second year of insurance with them and they have just come across an 'oversight' when i renewed my member ship at 77.00 i asked about the creative fabric# and alessandro manicures he said all ok. Now they girl has just telephoned to say they do not recognise my training with alessandro.! so basically im not insured for manicures ( i was originally insured with salon services then joined babtac and had basically two insurances last year... im also a member of guild and ant... what do i do now!!! apart from jumping off the biggest bridge
Go for the Professional Beauty insurance. They will insure you and won't be so 'prissy' as the BABTAC lot and its only 24.00 or there abouts.
thanks geeg, rang professional beauty straight away and yep they are happy to insure me at only 34.50 (lot cheaper than babtac's 77.00) only downside babtac i think wont refund so another wasted years insurance but anyway feel better... (thats 77.00 i could have spent on creative products/training )
anyway thanks again...
Hi Jen,
Just what you didn't need eh?
I would fight for my money back with BABTAC. After all it was their oversight. The least they can do is give you some back ?! :shock:

I know you aren't in fighting mood. But we are all with you in your hour of need. I welled up when I read your post. Hope the year improves for you as we move toward Christmas.

Get practising your Xmas nail art and get it seen :D

hi ya! i agree with kellie they should refund your money because if anything had of happened and you'd have made a claim you wouldnt have been covered anyway so they certainly wouldnt have paid out ! so in theroy you wherent insured :? therefore they have no right to keep that money :twisted:
good luck with sorting all this out nickki jonesx
just had an email back from babtac no refund or return of money..i even asked them to take the money for an associate member for this sept to next sept and then anything left as part payment for an associate member 2004-5 but no they wont... think thats pretty unfair ... have also contacted alessandro as i was under the impression this was a certified/recognised course - however short!
Plz, plz get em rung up and demand yr money back. Their mistake shouldn't mean you are out of pocket. If you don't wanna do it let me!!!!!!!! I hate anyone being ripped off, especially decent folk :x
Just a quick note in addition. I went on a waxing course at my local Capital shop - they said that it was BABTAC recognised but my friend said she couldn't see how it would be since it was only a short course. I rang BABTAC and was told that it wasn't recognised... when I spoke to Capital about it they seemed really puzzled - turned out that the tutor was BABTAC recognised not the course!!!

If in doubt ring BABTAC to check prior to booking courses - sometimes its an honest mistake on the part of the training provider (as in my case) sometimes not!!!

If it seems too good to be true...oh well you know the rest!

Don't give up though - give them grief and see if you can get your cash back - or at least partial refund!
If you renewed your insurance this month they should at least refund you back the 11 months left that is owed to you.

Car insurance do so should they.

Keep at them and demand to speak to a manager :evil: :evil: :evil:

Good luck

Cazza :D :D
How about this !!!!!!
Firstly get the insurance Geeg mentioned.
Then for the BABTAC thingy..........

Right they where happy to insure you last year ???
This year they say no thank you, after they took your money........
Ok did they send you an amendment to their insurance schedule, detailing what had changed ???? I.E who's certificate they would recognize???
Have they said it was an over sight on their part ???
Have they told you what you are now getting for your hard earned cash ???
I would construct a letter something like this.........if they have stated the over sight is at their end..........

Dear ????
With reference to:(insert your name.... policy start date and end date and number if you have one)
I have now been duly informed that I am no longer insured by your insurance underwriters...........
The reason being an over sight on behalf of BABTAC........
Could you please send me in writing the insurance exclusions and the date they started from.....
Could you please send me a copy of your company insurance regulation clauses with regards to refunding policies being cancelled by the underwriters.......

As you have stated in you email( insert date and time received)
I am no longer insured by BABTAC underwriters.
The policy has been made invalid by BABTAC........
When I took out this insurance I declared all my qualifications and they where exepted on that occaisson (insert previous insurance details), but now they have been declared as unsuitable, without any notification to exclusions of certain certificates............
I would have appreciated a formal letter informing me of this before I renewed my current, invalid insurance and not after you have exepted my premium for ( state length of policy).
As the oversight is clearly an error on behalf of BABTAC, I will be expecting a refund for the time I have not been insured.
Could you please also send me details of your company negotiator in case of disputes.......arbitration contact.

Yours sincerely

sign and send by registered post
you can also add at the bottom cc send to citizens advice for a bit of lega back up...............

now this might not get you all your money back, but they will have to explain the reason the are not refunding. But also a trip to the citizens advice might be a good idea.............

hope this helps and kick some ass
love Ruth xxxx
GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wow :shock:
you've missed your vocation!
i now know where to come when i need a kick arse letter 8)
lol liza xx
...for all your replies and encouragement.
have got proff beauty insurance in the process...
when i spoke to the lady yesterday (at babtac) she said i was covered as a nail technician - yes i said, that's what last year certificate says... yes but only nail enhancements she said but nail technician means natural nails too!!!! they were not buying it. basically i took out insurance last year with salon gold (as they were only people to insure for tooth crystals too) so i was covered fully by them last year up until beg august this year. last sept i decided to join babtac - trade association and all that so joined and paid full cover... as nail technician.... since then i did my alessandro course but didnt amend babtac as still covered fully with salon gold. and thought nail technician cover would have covered me for manicures etc., .... anyway thanks again will def send your letter to the rutie thanks... keep you all posted.....
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