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Aug 21, 2007
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Worksop, Notts
I have just been to a new client & she was a nail biter AGAIN. I am sick to death of these nail biters. Well anyway, i suggested sculptures on her nails, as she also wanted them painting. Well anyway, i have just spent the last 2 and a half hours doing them for her. There was nothing wrong with them as far as i could see but i could tell she wasn`t that sure about them. Anyway, i knew she didn`t like them when i left her house.
Well she has phoned up and said, `i have just been outside & have looked at them..and i don`t like them. Can you come sunday & take them off`. So, my dilema is, do i charge her to take them off ?
She has just wasted my whole day. I knew i was gonna have problems with this one from the start. I wouldn`t mind, but there was nothing wrong with them.
This doesnt really make me feel like i want to do nails and just stick to mans & peds. I know this happens to everyone... but it doesn`t make me feel any better.
You poor thing, I feel for you! After all that hard work as well.

What is it she doesn't like? There are lots of things you could do to change the look of them so she may like them more, for instance

Shorten them

Change them from square to oval or vice versa etc

Thin the ends more if they are thick end on?

Taper them more if they look a bit like spades?

Change polish colour/French polish?

"I don't like them" isn't really good enough. Why did going outside to look at them make a difference? I doubt you did them in a darkened room.:lol: She should really have said something while you were on the job. She needs to explain exactly what it is she doesn't like and give you an opportunity to change them.

And yes you should definitely charge her for removal. hth
I would charge her for removing as it is your time, If she wasnt happy she should have said before you had finished the first hand then you wouldn't have had to continue.
When you go back explain to her that she will have to pay to have them professionally removed as she should have said something before you left.
I would say that you could include a mini manicure as a follow up treatment and see if she would like to do a nail biters program with you.
She may not have liked them as she is used to shorter nails and they do look strange at first. Explain that to her also
With the best will in the world, I have some symapthy for you BUT....... this is the world of nails!! You cannot please all of the clients all of the time! Only today I put a white smile line far too far down the enhancement to look attractive because the client wanted me to. Last week I soaked off a perfectly good set of nails and clipped back her free edge to sculpt a new set because the client wanted me to....... Neither of these things would have been my choice, but if the client pays she calls the shots (to a point!).

As regards this lady, I agree with the advice already given. Find out exactly what she doesn't like and see if you can alter it. Otherwise soak them off and charge her for your time.

i agree with all above defo charge her for soak off,as you have not caused her a problem with her nails and its still your time going round there for a soak off .:green: i would have asked WHY??!!!!! if she gets funny when you soak them off be calm and tell her the service for a soak off is not free of charge.
i agree with everything everyone else has already said.find out what she doesnt like about them before you decide what you are going to do next.good luck
Thanks girlies. I had a look at them & offered to put them right, as they could have been fixed, but i just think she would not have been happy with the sculptures at any cost, so I took your advice & said i would have to charge her for the removals. She was perfectly cool about the whole thing & it went smoothly. But now i know for future ref how to handle this situation. It was a bad situation, but i know how to deal with things before i leave a clients home. Once i step out the door, if they are happy when i leave, they will have to pay for a full set removal. No changing their minds. Thanks girls.
Glad it all went smoothly. You live and learn eh!!

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