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Jan 12, 2003
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Benissa, Costa Blanca, Spain
There is not a nail technician alive who will not want to try PopIts.
“PopIts are the most exciting thing I have seen hit the nail industry since the tip was invented” says Gigi Rouse.

For years and until recently, the nail industry has turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to what our clients have been asking us for; they want beautiful nails but they want to spend less time in the salon!!

You only have to look and see the popularity of the discount or Non Standard salons and how busy they are, to understand that some clients are even willing to sacrifice the beauty of their nails and the health of their nails just to get that quick service they crave.

Well now, clients do not have to endure unsanitary and dusty conditions, drills or inferior service, damaged nails or hours of their valuable time. When you use PopIts Dual System Forms to apply your product, your clients will be in and out of the salon in 30-40 minutes tops with beautiful nail enhancements that sport a competition shine and you won’t even have to pick up a buffer!! It sounds incredible and it is.

PopIts can pretty well be described as a ‘form’ for making nail enhancements rather than using only a brush. You ‘Prep up’ the natural nails in the normal way for the system you are using. You fill the form (the PopIt) with the Liquid & Powder or Gel (brand of your choice) and ‘pop it’ onto the prepared nail surface while the product is still moist. A minute or two later, you gently ‘pinch it’ off the surface to reveal a perfectly structured and balanced nail enhancement that is beautifully finished without any further filing or buffing. You still have the freedom to create any shape you want that suits the individual client for custom service.

There are many different kinds of nail artists:
The ‘Artisan’ who creates perfect bespoke handmade nail enhancements
The technicians who do good salon nails
The technicians who do ‘not so good’ salon nails
The Mobile nail technician
The part time nail technician
The Beauty Therapist who does nail enhancements rarely or infrequently
The ‘hobby techs
Whatever category you fall into, you will find a reason to use PopIts, whether it is some of the time or all of the time.

Gigi told us, “There is not a single person who has seen PopIts demonstrated who has not been ‘blown away’ by the results” Technicians can’t wait to get their hands on them to have a go.”

Gigi continues, “I have had some people express surprise that I, the ‘Queen of handmade natural-looking nail enhancements’, should be so enthusiastic about PopIts. Why would I not be enthusiastic about something so clever? Maybe nothing will ever be more beautiful than the nail enhancements made by a true artist … but let’s be honest … there are only a handful of those compared to the vast majority of nail technicians that are doing nails everyday in their businesses.

Using PopIts, the vast majority will improve the look of the nails they create, and they will work in a much faster time frame which will help them to compete with the discount/NS salons. Speed is what women want and speed plus beauty is what PopIts will deliver.”

Think of the many advantages apart from speed:
  • Less Dust because filing is virtually eliminated;
  • A healthier environment for all with cleaner air and a cleaner work place; think of the bonus to those who suffer with RSI (repetitive strain injury) and have had to give up or cut down on the time they spend doing nails – using PopIts is so much less physical effort;
  • The Beauty Therapist who rarely does nails will now feel perfectly comfortable offering the enhancement service because the nails done with PopIts are never ‘hit and miss’ … the results are always perfect.
Think of the benefits to your business:
  • More money in your pocket as you serve more clients faster. For years many have been wondering how they will ever be able to compete with discount salons … but when you use PopIts , you can but with much better results than the discount salon will ever be able to deliver.
  • And don’t forget the commercial implications, the benefits to your business, that using PopIts will bring; more money and less work! The costs of running a business are not getting any lower and nail technicians just keep absorbing those increases and are finding it harder and harder to make the income they want. Simply put, you will make more money from every appointment when you use PopIts.
There is not a single service that cannot be done using PopIts Nail Forms: Full sets, Rebalances, Forever French, Natural Nail Overlays, Pink and White, Sculpted nails, and many nail art applications AND it does not matter what your favourite Product Brand is. Any brand works well with PopIts and your usual PREP routine.

Contact Sweet Squared (08452106060) .... the sole distributor for the UK and Ireland ... for more information about PopIts Dual System Forms.
Could someone post a picture of the popits themselves? Im dying to see what they look like
Thanks x
These little babies are fantastic. I have done a full set tonight in 45 minutes.
How did I ever live without them.

Thanks to Gigi yesterday for putting up with me and my mad mate frooty!
When i read the title of the thread then saw the author i got all confuzzled. lol.
Well Gigi, I was blown away with the results and I have had plenty of "ooos and ahhhhhhs" from ladies at my school - infact I now have several "new clients!" who have already booked - help I have not practiced yet :lol:

Well at least I have all day Sunday to practice :green:

Lastly - thanks for the fab demo:hug: and meeting all the geeks and also the lovely Samantha :hug:
Hiya all

I havent been on here for ages and was just told about PopIts.. if there is something out there that could halve my time I would like to try it. Please can someone tell me where I can buy PopIts. Does anyone have any pics too pleeeeeeeeeeeease

Veeb xx
Hi Im new to the industry and I only signed up on here yesterday, I have been hunting to find out about these POPITS...

I have suceeded...website>>> Beauty Guild : News

They stopped giving away there free samples lastweek...dam it, but you can now purchase them, give them a ring all you have to do is open an account with them

They cost £**.** + VAT Total QTY 200

Just got to send my certificate off and im done, can't wait 40 mins work....
Hello Hunni

Thanks, I have recieved a brochure from Sweet squared and will be ordering on Monday. I am really excited!

veeb x
This is great cant wait to order some, ive just ordered a brochure from sweet squared cant wait to try them thanks alot x :)
Where can I get these from in Western Australia
Could someone post a picture of the popits themselves? Im dying to see what they look like
Thanks x
I would like to know how they look also....and are/when will they be available in the US?
Im in the u.s where can i get them from??!!:green:
Outside the UK [email protected]

Only in the UK are they called PopIts. Outside the UK they are known as Dual system forms.
I am disappointed to see that you rate 'mobile nail technicians' way down your list, just above the 'beauty therapist who rarely does nails' (no offence intended by me incidentally). Does this mean you think less of those hardworking men and women who are prepared to work under more difficult environments to create perfect nails for our clients? This is not to say that 'popits' don't have their place in any environment, I'm sure they do, but it makes me unhappy that you (a nail geek godess!) observes nail technicians at different levels. Surely anyone who is fully trained, qualified and insured should be treated with the same amount of commercial respect. Just a thought.

has let people down there are hundreds of us
that didnt get call emails or anything from them
Can the popits be used on a really bad nail bitter and are they durable enought as nail bed is very short .............
Can the popits be used on a really bad nail bitter and are they durable enought as nail bed is very short .............

It depends but I would say in general PopIts can be used on a nail biter. They are going to pick them off in a week anyway in most cases so why do your best hand work on them when they don't respect it. For those who do then PopIts are still a good way to get them started.

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