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Jul 27, 2009
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hiya all
i have just started being mobile and i have just made a website by vista print, anyway my mind has gone blank in what to put on the website. i have put on the impotant stuff but i feel like im missing things??:irked:

has anyone got a blog on theirs?? there is an added option for this and i think it could be quite good to put on offers etc not sure if it would be worth it tho..

anywho if anyone has the time could you have a look at my website and give me a few pointers and advise

Lady Therapy - Home

oh and also, how can you make it come up in the first page on google?
i cant even find it by going through the pages its that far in!!:eek:
I think your website looks great. I'm particularly impressed with the way you've got links to Facebook and Twitter. The only thing I can think of to add would be:

Descriptions of the treatments
Details of products you use
Pictures of your salon
I love the colours of your website.

What I did when creating mine was have a look around at what other people in my area had got on theirs, if it's working for them I figured it may work for me too.

Pictures are always good, and a gallery of your work so clients can see what they are likely to get. I always check out galleries.

I don't use a blog on my own website, instead I have an are for Latest News which is where I will put offer etc.

Love it so far though hun.
ohh yea i forgot about the descriptions, they wont no what they'l be getting, i'l put them on later, thats a must have!

i havent got any photos for the gallery yet, i suppose that will have to wait until i get some.

thank you for checkin it for me and the advice
Hi it looks good. As already said include descriptions and what products you use. Also must say your prices are very very cheap. Xx
i think it looks good, very professional! :D
these are just my opinions and are said as somebody who really isn't very experienced in the beauty world, so i guess pretty much the people you are aiming it to haha :D
i don't like the font but i dunno why? i just don't like how it looks :\ i also don't like 'treatment prices' i'd much just rather see 'treatments' because when i see 'treatment prices' it says to me that all the therapist is interested in is making money and doesn't do it because they love it and if they don't love it they wont offer a good service. do i make sense? i'd like to see contact details on more than just your 'contact me' page like for eg. on your about me page so that i could phone straight away, aswell as on the treatments page i think it would be good to remind people that they can easily get in touch with you to arrange an appointment. i personally would rather see what times you are available, and if you are available outside these hours make it clear that you are. i think it'd be weird phoning up somebody whos hours you don't know, i'd feel almost cheeky asking do they work weekends where if stuff is written down i could just ask away. like others have mentioned say what your treatments are, what products you use inc. spray tanning brand(s). say if the products you use are okfor people with sensitive skin to use. also the times the treatments take make sure they are on all the treatments and i think it would be better to have the time next to the title because it's so easy to miss it at the end of a big chunk of writing. big up your treatments! they are 'fabulous', 'refreshing', 'rejuvenating', 'relaxing' - they aren't just plain old manicure and facials treatments. i don't like the blog - just keep it plain and simple like 'special offers' 'monthly special' 'packages' etc etc. you could always make a mention of special offers too on your treatments page like 'don't forget to check out the special offers page' so you are directing people to where they can spend more money. also, don't forget about a mailing list option! :D do you offer retail products? if so, make it known to clients and get a page set up for it.
i also think basic before and after care is a good idea too so that clients for eg. wanting a tan can be aware of certain things before they phone you up and book in and potentially waste your time, it's also a good idea so that clients keep going back to your page and can have a nosey at your special offers :D
i think a good way of looking at it is to think of the person reading your website as being stupid. make everything obvious and clear, it doesn't have to be patronising to be simple. x

edited to add: i think it'd be a great idea if you name dropped that you were insured and include who by and maybeinclude their logo - i think the guild and babtac are fab for that because you can really push that you are apart of a professional body for therapists as i think it gives the client that extra confidence that you have been approved kwim? it'd be good aswell to see some logos of brands you use and maybe name dropped like with sienna that they have been used on how to look good naked and strictly :D x
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Hi, I think your website has very nice colours and would echo what others have already said.

Plus, you have a couple of spelling errors which I hope you don't mind me pointing out.

1) On the home page you list complimentary therapies. In this instance it should be complementary - the "i" instead of "e" means that the therapies are free!

2) On the Treatment Prices page, you have missed out the "a" in "essential" after aromatherapy massage.

Hope this helps, Natalya :)
How much did the website cost you if you don't mind me asking? It is good having an rss feed on it
some very good pointers thank you so much
i also dont really like the font...its a bit blaa (like plain looking) if you get me will change that.
i have started with the aftercare and about the treatments but will have to finish that tommorrw,
i think i will change the blog then, it looks confusing

no you dont sound patronising, just your honest opinion and thats what i need so thanks for the advise guys, its really useful and will change the website asap
smooth: its a free month trial then the standard package what i got is about £6 per month, then there are extras they try and sell you if ur interested
With regards to you asking how to get it on the first page, unless you pay for a sponsored ad so it appears at the very top of the page then you will have to be patient I am afraid.
As you have just only made the website it will appear low down in terms of pages, over time it will make its way up nearer the top. Include lots of keywords as well.

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