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Oct 13, 2007
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tyne & wear
These are some introductory offers I Have come up with for when I start out mobile to try and get some clients

Book now for a full set of natural enhancements and recieve a toe reshape and varnish free

book now for a luxury manicure and recieve a toe reshape and varnish free

what do you think ?

also for all you mobile nail techs how long after training did you start up mobile? did you do a few months practice first just I fin my course in feb and at the moment dont think my application is really good yet its good but not really good i need to build up my confidence i think.

My tip application and blending is really good its just the acrylic and am so scared being asked to do pink and whites as my course does not cover this ?

advice needed
cheers ladies

Yeah those offers sound good, but just one liccle picky thing.......put toe-nail reshape insted af toe reshape!!!! Visions of scary toe reshaping implements!!! lol!!

Glad to hear you have mastered tipping and blending, thats half the battle!! Just wondering what products you use, coz it helps application when you use a good product.

Dont worry about doing p&w too much, start with some deep smile white tips (Pro Impressions do great ones really cheap), MAKE SURE you put a layer of white acrylic on the tip b4 pink tho, practice following the smile line with your white acrylic, and you will soon have the hang of p&w's!! Hope that helps!!

P.s. Being qualified since Feb, sounds to me like you have oooodles of experience! My friend qualified in May, and is charging £25.00 in salon, next to me, 7 years exp charging £27.00!!!!! Good Luck!!:wink2:
Sounds good the only comment i would make is maybe to loose the re-shape bit, as your best off filing straight on the toe nails, I offer this as a File and Polish, just my personal opinion, good luck with it all xx

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