What do your clients sit on......?


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Jun 1, 2003
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Dublin, Ireland.
...... any smart answers and I'll tell teacher! :D

Back in April I had the most uncomfortable 90 minutes of my life. I went to 'check out the competition' :twisted: and spent the whole time sitting on a tiny little stool, no back support, rock hard seat and far too low so I got leg cramps. After an hour I was in agony and the tech doing my nails noticed me squirming and actually said "everyone complains about the stool"!!!!! :shock:

I swore there and then I would never put my clients through that torture and although the chair my clients use right now is fairly comfortable I want to splash out a little and get something new for them.

I'm thinking of buying a leather recliner/swivel/rocker kind of thing that I've seen - has a separate foot stool and is SO comfy. I had the idea of letting them veg out in the recliner with their feet up while I work on one hand at a time. I can't think of any problems with this apart from the movement of the chair, don't want them swinging around while I'm in the middle of my smile lines, maybe I'll just get the recliner and footstool model. :? Can anyone think of any problems I may get from using this type of seating?

So I was wondering, what do your clients plonk their bums on? And if any of you use stools for them, have you sat in them for 90 minutes solid to see if it's an enjoyable experience? ;)
Hi Jackie,
My clients sit on an office chair which is adjustable. The only thing is that it is on a ceramic tiled floor and when the lady sits down, the chair goes on a trip and doesn't stop until it hits the wall!!! It's really funny but a bit unnerving, especially for those that don't like travelling backwards......!! I usually stand behind the lady whilst she sits down and support the chair. I considered having a rug but I thought it wouldn't be hygienic cos of all the dust etc.
If I was choosing a new chair, the leather one you mentioned sounds lovely, especially with the footstool. However, I wouldn't have anything other than real leather cos the fake ones can be so sticky and hot. My chair is covered in material so it's not too bad except for the hygiene thing again - gets covered in dust!!
Anyway, hope you get your comfy chair...... plus, you would be able to have a nice nap in-between clients!!
I helped to set up a salon recently here in Spain, where the chairs are located in one spot with a thin 'desk top' that projects each side of the chair for the client to rest her arms on.

The chair is super comfy and the client just gently reclines while the technician moves around her to carry out her work. The technician has a trolly with all her working gear that travels with her as she moves from hand to hand.

It took my colleague a while to sort out the best way to work, ie. do one hand from start to finish before moving or commute between the two constantly. She found that for her is was quicker to commute back and forth between the two.

Apart from client comfort, one very good thing about this method is that as the technician you MOVE quite a bit which makes a change from just sitting static all day long. The service does take a little longer but you could factor this into the service charge. After all the client is getting something quite different to the norm and VERY relaxing.
That sounds wonderful Geeg, and kind of what I was hoping to achieve, but being short on space I decided the closest I could get would be to have them sit in a recliner, do one hand, then swivel them around so I could work on the other hand. Like you said, it would take a while longer, but the clients are receiving a more relaxing service. I have a wonderful leather electric chair that gives a full body massage for the end of their service too - they love that! Must admit, I do like the idea of the tech moving around the client, much better than sitting still for long hours.

Carol, that's the type of chair I'm using right now, although fairly comfortable, it's getting a bit tatty now and like you said, with fabric it gets very dusty. I went head over heels in one of those chairs once at work - too lazy to get up and pushed myself across the floor to answer the phone and did a somersault backwards and ended up under the desk with my legs in the air - not something I wish to repeat! :oops:

No-one's owned up to having a torture stool yet! :rofl:
Well, the lads at my work provided me with a regular office chair, with no arms, and barley any support. The customers love to swivel on it whilst I am doing my service which makes it harder.
Some of the customers ask to change it for one of the cushioned wicker chairs we have. They have arm rests, backs, don't swivel and are quite comfortable. I have asked them to let me use one of them permanantley but they think it is better that the clients have a choice. (Which means they don't want to give up one of their chairs!) :twisted:

SO I have now told them that we need to reconsider the seating because it is uncomfortable for my customers and it makes it harder for me with them moving about all the time! :D

What do you think to the Wicker chair idea? It sounds old fashioned I know but that is the seating they provide for their customers so I need to match.
we have wicker chairs at work for the clients,they are really comfy.
That's what I thought, they are quite strong, and have suitable support for the customer during the service.
No smart answers? Dammit, where's the fun in that? :p
OK, my clients sit on a metal framed chair which has a padded base and back. It's sturdy and comfy.
well i reently had this problem - finding a suitable chair searched ebay and viking direct sites then just happened to walk past a sign in my town for ofice chairs went in and there was my dream chair.. can mail you pic if like - its a large office/exec chair ithas a back recliner it rocks back with weight on it it goues up and down (even tips you out with a push of the button) it has arm rests that sit at two different heights all for 70.00
i love the arm rests as when someones had a mani and polish they can rest their hands without smudging hilst i do pedi.. i wantedit to recline so that pedi customers are not sitting in a funny position.
it also has adjustable headrest i love it.....
Hi Jen,
your chair sounds fantastic, especially with the tip out function - could be used as an ejector seat when you have enough of em!!
No-one's owned up to a torture stool yet!
Okay then, all this talk of fancy chairs is making me a little bit green. Why? because I have two cheap and cheerful stools (or cheap and nasty, whichever you prefer) from IKEA.
My nail staion is the bizz, my room was especially done out for me but, oh those stools :(
Will need to get a few more bums sat on 'em too before I can afford to upgrade :oops:
Ikea actually do a good range of comfy chairs at budget prices...

Comfort is definitely extremely important as they won't come back if they're not comfy, i'm very interested in that black chair Jen - can you post the website or the phone number to order them please? ;)

One trick i have, is a small portable tv on the wall, so they never get too bored and i don't feel like i have to constantly make conversation and can just concentrate. If they get bored they are more likely to start thinking about how uncomfortable they are etc :D
I have had issues with my chairs too. I originally purchased 2 identical office chairs, with black leather seat/back. I like the fact they can raise and lower hydraulically. But the floor was ceramic and tilted away from my desk, so the clients would inevitably roll back into the door until I had them sit in the chair and push them in from behind. I thought also about getting a bit of carpet to put under to stop them from rolling back, but as somebody previously mentioned, it's more of a bother and I'm used to sweeping and mopping the floor, didn't want to have to vacuum as well.

What I really want to get is a nice parson's chair with a slipcover you can take off and wash. I have seen some beautiful ones locally that are not that expensive. But what stopped me from doing that was thinking that people come in different sizes, and with the office chairs you can raise/lower to adjust for that difference. If I get a chair that is pretty much one height, I might have some embarrassing moment when the client will not fit under my table! Has this happened to anyone? Or am I inventing a problem that probably doesn't exist? Does anyone have any suggestions?
I have to say ... in thinking back on 10 years in the salon ... and always having used a chair that was not adjustable in any way ... I never had a problem with anyone not fitting under the desk or being too low so they had to reach up.

I think you are worrying over nothing really.
I tend to worry about that kind of stuff too much. Kind of cripples you after awhile. They call it "analysis paralysis" where I used to work. Thanks for setting me straight.
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