what sort of client are /were you ??


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Oct 5, 2004
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Hiya ..

Just something i was thinking about when i used to have my nails done.

I think i was a good client...but did once forget she was coming and went out...:o I did used to pick at any lifting i had...:o and i did ask if i could smoke while i had them done :smack: and i swear she was too polite to say no as it was at my house.

But i was with her for a few years so thats not bad going...although she may say differently..

Its made me a better client since i have been a nail tech, i am never late for hair appointments, i listen to advise given, and i respect that they are doing a job...a hard job too.

I think being a client has helped me to understand my clients....(i also know all the tricks, cos i have done them..:lol:)

So what about you guys....??
i would say i am a good client

i try to show respect to professionals at all times

but now i do feel overly conscious as i am therapist now
I was a great nail client. Returned every 2 weeks, spent a fortune on retail, no lifting, no breakages (apart from when I hit the wrong nail with a hammer), used my oil ... I was a good girl I was ... and I ended up working there!!!!!!
I was a 'relatively good' client... :wink2:
I always used my Solar Oil, I never missed an appointment without a very good reason and I recommended my friends and family to my nail tech, the only time I used to 'fall down' was with the picking lol :o
I was a 'watcher' and my ladies probably hated me cos I never came back to some of them with them not reshaped but I was never entirely happy with the shape and sidewalls. When I moved to Oslo I was lucky to find Anne Vera. She had a girl called Marit working with her, she did my nails for a while as Anne Vera said Marit would do P&W's better. I must have done Marits head in as I know now she was extending my nail bed slightly but at the time I thought it looked peculiar and asked her to put the white just below the proper line of my nail bed! *doh*. She did explain it to me thoroughly though and after that I was a convert. Anne Vera always did a fab job but hated doing P&W because she said I made her nervous as I watch so closely. It was her who told me I should train as if I had to miss an appointment or my nails had grown more than I liked I would turn up filed down and blended in. I'm told I sit and inspect each hand at each stage while the other hand is being done. I didn't realise, must have been a subconscious thing but it made her really nervous :lol: I honestly don't know if I'm a pain of a client but I liked Anne Vera enough to still go and get my nails done from time to time even when I was training and I'm still in touch via text with her. She was my original inspiration after all!

I only missed one appointment but I had just had Noah by emergency csection that day so I reckon I had a pretty good reason and it took ages to get into the habit of using my Solar oil that Anne Vera gave me. I'm never with out oil now!
I'm a good girl client :lol: I always do as I am told and respect the person carrying out the treatment/service!

But gotta say it's not always the right thing to do, I often leave feeling like I haven't got what I really wanted - this doesn't mean it is their fault - they aren't mind readers and if I don't say what I really want, then how can I complain????

However, because of that it means that I'm a bit of an nag hag with my clients at first, always checking if everything is ok - like everything in life it is getting that balance right :green:
I'm a brilliant client, always do as I'm told and get a good nosey at what's being done too...then nick the stuff and attempt to copy it:)
i havent really been much of a client to be honest.
what i mean is i only ever had my nails done 4 or 5 times [with fibreglass] before i went on to train myself. now i wouldnt let anyone do my nails unless i knew they were a better tech than i am myself. also i'm a bit tight, so i would be reluctant to pay someone else for somethng i could do myself:lol:

sometimes i think i would love to get a pedicure as its really uncomfortable doing it on myself with a bad back and a big belly:lol:
but i think i would be an awful client as i am so particular. i think it would be intimidating for the therapist. and maybe less than satisfactory for me.
I'm a brilliant client, always do as I'm told and get a good nosey at what's being done too...then nick the stuff and attempt to copy it:)

I take it we're talking about your award winning personal tech here lol!
You may find this hard to believe, but I was the perfect client.
Used my oil never missed an appointment, always arrived 5 minutes early, followed the aftercare leaflet, kept my hands still.
Then I thought it looked easy and went off to get trained:eek::eek::eek:
Was I the only pain in the bum one then? :eek: If being picky counts :lol:
You may find this hard to believe, but I was the perfect client.
Used my oil never missed an appointment, always arrived 5 minutes early, followed the aftercare leaflet, kept my hands still.
Then I thought it looked easy and went off to get trained:eek::eek::eek:
Adele.your finger nails looked perfect to me....just got to get your head around the skin care malarchy now....:lol:
I was a bloody nightmare :lol:

No-one had ever managed to put nails on me that don't lift. I had/have really small, wrecked, thin, nail biters nails that just don't seem to avoid lifting no matter what product, prep level, or shape.

Before I trained I allowed techs to absolutely trash my nails in an attempt to get them to stay on, they passed me round the salon each tech reckoning she could do a better job. None of them did, and in some cases I'd have lifting before they even got to final shaping and refining, let alone lasting 2 weeks.

Now I'm trained I can see the things they were doing wrong, but had no idea then so must have been an absolute nightmare for my techs :irked:

That said, they never retailed cuticle oil, never prepped, and shredded my natural nail in an attempt to get some adhesion - I'd go back with 1 maybe 2 on at the most. The rest having lifted so I bit them off :eek:

To my tech's from back then, I'm sorry, you must have dreaded my arriving, but equally, if you'd been better trained (and I know some had never had any official training) we both would have been better off :hug:
I was a great client in that I was a regular, always on time and returned sooner rather than later.

BUT.... I used to insist my white for French went straight across. :o
No one had a problem with it. In fact a lot of techs here do it that way anyway. Now I cringe when someone asks me for that. It looks so ridiculous.

I also realize how annoying I would have been holding my fingers a certain way thinking I was helping while the tech was filing.....

I would ask a lot of questions, fascinated by the whole process ... that too may have been annoying!
I think I used to be a good client. I do everything myself now so don't tend to go to anyone. I used to get my nails done on time - have none now because of massage - have to keep them mega short so I don't scratch people (I'd have to charge extra for that :lol: . Would wax regularly - do it myself now. My only problem was hairdressers and finding one that did what I wanted. Even taking in pictures and explaining what I wanted I was still never happy - so I cut and colour my own hair too, have since I was about 10.

Yes, I can hear all the hairdressers now 'You should never cut your own hair'. Most people I meet out assume I'm a hairdresser and get lots of compliments on my hair so I obviously do a good job. I was thinking about doing hairdressing before I did massage. I'm only interested in cutting and colouring and don't want to do all the other bits like perming and styling etc.

And I let students practice waxing, tinting etc on me. They have to learn somehow so anytime I've been somewhere and theres someone learning, I'm happy to be practiced on.
I was a bit of both.

I always got really bad lifting within the first week, no matter which tech I used. At the time, I thought it was the product they used, but knowing better now, I know it was down to bad prep.

I used to go back and show them and I always got a cock and bull story about how nail enhancements weren't suitable to my nails etc etc. and that's why they were lifting. I never really believed any of it and when I started to ask more probing questions as to why my nails weren't suitable, they didn't know what to say to me.

I then went to a lady who used Creative products and didn't have a single bit of lifting. For the first time, I could go 2 - 3 weeks before I needed to have a infill / rebalance. I was super impressed and that's why I chose to train with Creative.

I always used to follow all the aftercare etc. I was given, but would also tell them if I wasn't happy with something.

How bad is this I have never been a Client!
Before I started learning I had never even heard of Nail Enhancements:eek:
Where I live there were no places or women who wore them, the only time anyone got their nails done was when they were on holiday.

I have now changed all that:lol:
can be any kind of client...not just nails...hair client...??
can be any kind of client...not just nails...hair client...??
Ok well in that case I am a lie down and let everyone do what they want kind of client:lol:
When I go to the hairdressers I have an idea what I want but as soon as I sit in the chair I turn in to a gibbering wreck and just end up getting what they think.:lol:
Nails wise I think I was an ok client, I always kept my appointments and tried very hard to look after my nails, but hair wise I am an absolute nightmare, never knowing what I want.

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