What to use to harden nails


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Aug 10, 2007
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Hi, I wonder if I can call upon your expertise.

My nails are soft and find that because they bend easily nail varnish does tend to chip.

Is there anything that you can recommend that will harden my nails?

creatives toughen up is fantastic.....it reinforces the natural nail helps prevent peeling and breakages and a brilliant base coat.
i have got no enhancements at the moment which is usually a no no for me and i have been using toughen up, as i have weak and my nails are prone too peeling, and this has been great.
opi do a fabilous nail strengthner - nail envy, you start out with the original formula, and then you can move to others to suit your needs.

opi do a fabilous nail strengthner - nail envy, you start out with the original formula, and then you can move to others to suit your needs.

Yes snap.loads of fab feedback from clients that have tried Nail envy:green::green:
Yep another vote here for Nail Envy, it's the only strengthener I've ever found that has made any difference at all, and it doesn't peel off
Count me in for Nail Envy Love the stuff wouldn't change. My clients love it!!
Although I use Creative, I'm really impressed with Nubar's Nu Nail. It gives a lovely shine while adding strength. A new client recommended it to me a year ago, brought me the bottle in to try on my weak nails and I never looked back !!!!
Wow you have certainly given me alot to go on. I will give creative a try first.

Thanks everyone
Even though I don't like LCN enhancement products, I have to say I was really impressed on how LCN Nail Builder worked for me when I last had a longer period without artificial nails (what a sentence-monster..!:lol:). Though it hardened my sidewalls too. Indeed I can recommend it but I would advise to use it on nails only (it's oil-type stuff and it says on the bottle that it's supposed to be used on nails and the surrounding skin)
Its Nail Envy for me and my clients too. Its importannt with a strengthener not to over strengthen to produce brittle nails. Plus a strengthener only works while in contact with the nail, once removed the nail is back to normal. Its like a coat of armour while the nail grows through back to strength. x
as someone with major nail problems, i can hand on heart reccomend OPI nail envy, my nails are yet again, splitting, peeling, weak and onycholysis on 3 or 4 again (allergy) and last time it took me 8 -10 weeks to make a difference with my oil and balms etc, but at gmex i picked up some nail envy cos few peeps reccomended it, and wow its making huge difference all ready,(2-3 weeks) although my nails are still very short,

whats there is starting to strengthen already and they are not as thin and peeling

brilliant stuff


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