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gillian w

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Oct 4, 2006
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I am having a particularly quiet time with nail enhancements at the mo,which is annoying as it is the thing i need the most practice with and what i have spent the most money on recently.

I find that i do have regular clients for this but they are also clients for other treatments.What they don't tend to do is keep their nails on all the time so they will have them for special occasions,holidays etc but don't keep up with maintainence.So will go months before having them again.

Then i have had quite a few one offs,which over the summer has been reasonable with weddings and holidays.

I was wondering what kind of clients make up the majority of your nail clientelle.
People who keep them on permanently that regularly come in for maintainence,people who will have them for a few weeks or months have some maintainence and then not bother again for a long while.Or maybe those you only see once or only very occasionally and have a one off set then not come back for ages.
When i first started up, i was very much like yourself. I had clients who would come to me for holidays or weddings or special occasions. I never managed to keep having the clients who wanted them done regularly.

Now i have been doing nails for over three and a half years, i mainly have regulars who have 2-3 week appointments, some of which book me up till the end of the year in advance. I do still have people who have the one off sets for special occasions, but i mainly have the regulars.

Be patient, it will happen the more confidence you have. I found the best way to practice was on myself. By keeping up nails on yourself, you practice regularly, find any problems with lift and solve them, plus if you can do nails on yourself, (especially the wrong hand) then clients will be easier.

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