what wax pot???


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Sep 14, 2005
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Newark, Notts

am looking for a wax pot heater and I have no idea which to buy. My question is, do I go for a 500cc or 1000cc heater, like the look of the Hive ones as these are the most commonly used, I think.

I also like to egg pot ones but am confused as to what to go for. I will be (At college at the moment) offering the usual waxing services.
Also do any of you do sugering??? What do you think of it and how odes it differ to waxing, asking this as it is not covered at college and my clients are asking about it.

The Hive 1000 are the best pro size.
The Hive 1000 are the best pro size.

Yep definitely the most popular wax pot. Hive also does a smaller version - you can sit the whole wax pot in with this one.
With the egg pot you can get an adaptor for roller wax (3 tubes) and one to put a bigger wax pot in - 800cc pot
The Hive 1000 are the best pro size.

For pot and spatula waxing, I like the 1000cc size too - you can't insert the smaller 400-500g wax tubs directly into the heater like you can with the 500cc size, but it does come with a removable inner bucket which you can decant wax into (and you can buy spare buckets or 800g tins if you want to swap waxes around). This makes it easy to use with hard/non-strip waxes, strip sugar and paraffin, as well as strip wax. Plus you can heat more wax at any one time!

If you want to use this heater for sugaring, I'd recommend decanting the sugar into the removable bucket or an empty metal wax tin first, as I've found it gets a bit too hot for the plastic tubs and I've only narrowly escaped melted pots a couple of times in the past! :D

I haven't tried the new Egg Pots that Rachel mentions, but they do look cool and the flexibility to be able to use roller wax is certainly attractive...

Andy x
I got my hive 1000 from capital was i think just short of £50 but had everything you needed in the box wax spatulas etc etc
Thanks so much everyone, I will take a look at that link.

in the past ive used phd and the salon systems waxpot ,but i do love the Eggpot it does just what i want it to do and you have the tube option also.
If you look at the recent post made by The Guild with info about show(or virtual show) offers eggpot have a deal on there
i use the 500 salon system one i find it heats up so fast and the 1000 is great too for salons
The good thing about the Hive one though is you can remove the inner pot and replace it with another if you use different wax. think the inner silver pots are about £10
As a side issue, what are peoples thoughts & experiences of the phd waxing system

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