What "wipe off" solution does everyone use?


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Dec 23, 2011
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When doing gel nails?

I use CND D:Sperse to remove the inhibition layer from BioSculpture and Shellac.
Really depends on what System people are using. I personally stick to Sanitizer which is one of the solutions that Bio Sculpture use to wipe off their sticky residue... Is this what you mean ??
I use isopropyl alcohol to clean off sticky layer
D:Sperse for me too
Vicki xx
NSI cleanse. I just love the smell and so do my clients. I use it for Gelish.
Nas99 for OPI gel nails ::hug:
I use the super high shine lotion or the LCN cleaner for my LCN gel nail extensions and CND D-Sperse for Shellac. I think it depends on what gel system you use - most brands have their own, which I would personally recommend sticking to where you can. X
Sweet Squared D:Sperse for Shellac and Scrubfresh for Brisa.

Sam xx
hi i use dual cleanse for sticky but started using scrubfresh for prep i use bio sculpture gels. xx
Nsi cleanse for me too. Love the smell.
Thanks for everyones replys, im using nco gel at the moment with edge nails wipe off.

Just thinking of using something different.
I use a bottle of 99% isopropyl alcochol that I bought at the pharmacy.

It's cheaper and works just the same.
i use brisa and use scrub fresh
NSI cleanse here too, couldn't be without.
i use nas99 but acetone works just fine for a cheaper alternative! x
Acetone would not work for a soak off gel as it would start to break it down and undermine the service ... Stick to 99% I P alcohol which is actually much more expensive from a chemist than D.Sperse from Sweet Squared 08452106960, which you can get in professional-sized quantities for your Business. It smells very nice and fresh and professional plus it does the job perfectly and will work with any system. I use it for both soak off and hard gels. HTH
I use Orly Gel FX 3 in 1 cleanser for Gelish and buff off gel.

It cleans, preps and shines. Much cheaper than the Gelish equivalent.
Oh gosh don't use acetone. I forgot to glove up and lost two of my pretty gels just taking a clients gels off! I barely touched the acetone!
Perhaps she meant to type alcohol?!?!

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