Whats the best adhesive for Dashing Diva


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Apr 20, 2009
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As the title suggests I am trying to find out what the best adhesive is for Dashing Diva - would you stick with the one in the pack or would it be better to us speedbond or gelbond?
I had been using the adhesive that comes with it. It was ok but I found sometimes it would run.

I'm trying Gelbond now. It's going well but I think I've opened it wrong. I know that sounds so silly, how can you open something wrong? You need to break the seal on Gelbond. Usually things like this have a wee spike in the other end of the lid but there was nothing there so I used a pen. Then I realised there's an extra little plastic ring. I think you take that away then put the top back on and it will pierce a wee hole by it's self. I think because I pierced a hole that is too big the adhesive is coming out too quickly.
I use gelbond and had mine on 2 weeks with no lifting or chips.
thanks guys

think I will go with the gelbond too - had a little lifting with the one in the kit - not much but hopefully will get even less with gelbond

thanks for the tip on opening it too - I would probably have done exactly the same...

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