What's the best compliment you've received?


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Sep 25, 2005
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We all have our bad days...picky clients...stressed schedules...'I just sat there & my nails fall off'...yada yada yada...

But what I want to know is...what is the best compliment you have ever received about your nails? What did someone say that made you think, 'Wow, maybe I'm not so bad after all?'..

I had a lady in today for a rebalance who had travelled 35 miles just to come back to me to have her nails done..she has moved house since I did the original set of French extensions some five weeks ago...but held on to come back to me for a rebalalnce, with only 1 nail missing..I was so chuffed it really made my day!!

So come on, share your best ever confidence boosters!!
Most of my clients are within a reasonable distance and don't have to travel too far to my salon but the best buzz I get is when I see the change in the clients' confidence when I transform poor nails into natural looking nails they are proud of.
A new client said to me yesterday after an eyebrow shape i gave her, that they were perfect, plus she's booked in for a full let of enhancements on friday for her wedding!!
she was so nervous when she came in the salon, vless her!!
One of my customers booked in her Aunt for a pedicure using Bio as she was staying with her at the time. She loved it so much she travels up to see me every 6 weeks and she lives 100 miles away.

I keep telling her that I could find a tech nearer to her house but she won't hear of it !!
Seeing somebody come in who is disilusioned and has some negativity about therapists and nail technicians...to when they finally leave totally transformed,in thier appearance wether it be a little thing from an eye brow shape,to the more intricate art of enhancements,or thier skin transformed from a skincare treatment.:)

The best feeling is when a client works with you as a therapist,follows your home care advise,uses the correct home care products,attends regular treatments and respects everything you say and advise.:hug:
Nicest complement was a bride and her chief brides maid who were on the bus in Milton Keynes and saw a set of my nails, they came all the way to N'ton just for little old me to do a full set each:o I still get warm and glowy from that one and I didn't know they were for a wedding until after I'd done them:lol:
Funniest complement was from a group of chavets. They told me they were really bad and 'well sick' My daughter assures me that I received the highest complement that day:lol:
One of my clients moved to my area and has now been a client for the last year. Recently she moved back to were she used to live (30 miles away) I said to her 'I understand that you wont want to travel (which is why she came to me) and that you will want to find somewhere nearer but still keep in touch as i think lot about her.
You've got to be kidding she said im never stopping coming here i look 4ward to it and when i die can you please do my nails so they look nice ! im not bothered about me hair just my nails!!!
OMG :eek: LOL :lol: hehehe x
and when i die can you please do my nails so they look nice !

Gulp!! Lol, she must be impressed!! :)

Thanks everyone for your replies, lovely to hear !
For me its one of my regulars who comes in for her once a month 1/2 day pamper, every time when I start her facial massage she sighs and asks me to marry her!:lol:
Had a first timer in for a mini mani and hard skin removal that her daughters booked for her 60th, she said thank you so much at least 30 times during the treatments and then shed a few tears at the end, makes me smile whenever i think of that:o xx
I've had a few clients that have fallen asleep and woken themselves up snoring whilst I have been doing a facial or a massage before...that always makes me feel like I'm good at what I do. I also had somebody who after I had finished their treatment said to me "don't ever change, you've got something about you thats really special"..she followed by saying how professional and "lovely" I was but that first bit still makes me blush a bit!!

I think we all deserve it every now and again...its what makes the job worthwhile imo x
when clients say they're been lots of places but like the way I do their nails best, and that they look natural and STAY ON . . . I take this as a massive compliment and am just so happy that they like what I do as I love it and can't imagine doing anything else!

I have just moved my beauty room, 25 miles away from my old room
i was taken back on how many clients :hug: are keeping up nails

That has to be one of the biggest compliments

The best compliment I have recieved is from a former nail biter client, who told me I had more or less changed her life :eek: her nails were really badly bitten and as a hairdresser her hands were on show a lot, she had always been embarassed of her hands, but after I did them, she was hands all over the place lol

she made my cry a bit it was so lovely to know I had been able to give somebody so much confidence

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