when can i start charging?


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Nov 5, 2010
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north west
:rolleyes:i'm in the middle of doing my nvq beauty course and i was just wondering when do you think i could start charging my friends etc when i start doing little treatments on them as i have not started doing on people yet but dont want to see myself out of pocket as i know products are not cheap
It really is up to you. I didn't charge when I was training, but as soon as I passed the NVQ assessment in whatever it was, I started charging.

In hindsight though, I could have charged really! One way of doing it is to ask for a "contribution" towards your products, time, petrol etc and make a suggestion of how much. Never say "Oh it's five pounds to cover the cost of my products" - if people know that your product cost is £5 they might find it hard to swallow if you qualify and then start charging them £20 for the same treatment, iykwim. x
hmmm tricky one. if you start to charge, as in have price lists, then you are classed as self employed and all the fun and games that that brings, tax , self assessment blah di blah etc...

ALSO if you start charging, you are opening yourself up for needing insurance etc .

when I was training and practising I asked my friends (i didnt practise on strangers) for a contribution. this helped me to re stock but not much else.

hope this helps.

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