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Sep 8, 2003
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:D You know the feeling when you realise something that you already knew anyway but somehow ...... the penny drops .....? Well that's just happened to me.
I love to look around at the huge number of brushes available for application of liquid/powder and I must admit to having built quite a collection over the short few months that I have been qualified. Anyway, the other day, I was at my local wholesaler and my radar honed in on a large brush - The Proflo UK 12 - and it was hugley expensive compared to other I have bought before ....... I hovered a bit - did the okey kokey with my hand and then WHAM BAM - I grabbed it and bought it. Well, ( had a play last night on my practice hand and WOWEE.......!!!!! what a brush!! I can see now why you all have fond pet names for them - this one is definitely a Hercules or a Magnifico or something grand. I found the application of product to be muc much better, smoother and cleaner and consequently, filing and smoothing was much reduced. I wonder who of you have also found that the penny has dropped in such an amazing moment even though it was obvious anyway............? Look forward to your input on this.
All the Best
Carol ;)
:D Glad you've found one that suits you....I'm still in the buying loads to see which one 'fits' stage :oops: :D :evil:

Is it acceptable to trim your brush? Or is that extremely unprofessional??? :shock:

I've got my hands on a creative brush (although not done the training yet) and whilst it's a lovely brush (solid, well balanced, heavy, etc) the point seems to be too sharp and my smile lines all jagged as a result.

When you see pictures of Geeks Brush (Bob) his end looks all rounded :shock: :oops: if you know what I mean???

Any one enlighten me please??

hi ya im with you on that one i find the same problem with many of the brushes i have in my collection, too pointy if the brush is wider and more rounded i find it much easier to make my smile lines smile :D ive tried out a star nails brush called a flat VF21 but im sure its for gel application and not acrylic l and p.
id be interested to see if anyone else finds a less pointy brush easier to use?
nickki jonesx
Trinity Nails said:
:D .....
When you see pictures of Geeks Brush (Bob) his end looks all rounded :shock: :oops: if you know what I mean???

Any one enlighten me please??


you can get the more rounded shape by training your brush. When you have finished and "rinsed" the brush in clean monomer at the end - wipe your brush on the edge of your dappen dish in to more of a flat shape rather than leaving it at a point.

I hope that makes sense - I know what I mean but it is difficult putting it into words LOL.
Hi :D

I understand what you mean...... but the bristles/hair's on the brush are longer righ in the centre which makes it pointed - if I trimmed the middle ones, then it would have a more rounded appearance.

If you check out Bob on the first picture in Million Dollar smiles you'll see what I mean about a round end...

It's not flat - which I would guess would be solved by the training thang!! :D It's perfectly round and lovely and fat for making beautifully shaped beads, it just a bit pointed!!! :oops:

The Geeks brush 'Bob' is just a standard Creative Master Series brush that he has trained to lie in a certain way (which you are taught to do on a Creative Course). None of the Creative brushes when flat. lie in a point ... all have a gentle rounded end.

Always leave your brush clean and flattened (not pointed) this is how you train it. And if you trim your brush with scissors you will ruin it forever. Creative brushes are hand tied by craftmen and are made to a standard ... also known to be some of the finest brushes in the industry.
ooooooh thanks geeg im gonna get me a bob mark 2 :D
nickki jonesx sssssshhhhhh dont tell hubbie lol
hiya :D
i personally like to use 2 different brushes when i'm creating "smiles".
following the procedure on the geek tutorials, i sculpt out the "tip" with my "ultra sculptor", & apply my height & smile with my master series "pro-styler".
i find the pro- styler is slightly more rounded as you described.
once you use a creative brush, you won't go back!
get the brush right & you'll b flying :D
lol liza xx
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