Where did you all train at or with?


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Where did you train?

  • College NVQ 2 or 3

    Votes: 164 66.1%
  • Local training provider

    Votes: 63 25.4%
  • Branded training i.e. CND or Lycon

    Votes: 72 29.0%

  • Total voters


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Apr 1, 2006
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I was just reading another post ("a little rant") and it got me wondering where have the majority of us trained?
Was it NVQ 2 or 3 at college? or a local training course? or training provided by a branded training provider - such as CND for example?

This is NOT a thread about which is better! i'm just curious to know, there are great therapists trained in different ways and i'm not saying one way is better than another.

I personally did NVQ 2 at college full time, then did "branded training" for nail products and spray tanning and facial products, some training was good some was bad - and sometimes until you do the training you don't know. The reviews here are great for research. I did a local training course in massage - after passing my anatomy and physiology exam. I'm still learning, and am now looking forward to doing a lash extension course.

ps.....you can tick more than 1 box - but the poll relates to how you have done most of your training.
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I did full time NVQ level 2 and 3 at college then went on to do various branded training for facials, body wraps, nail treatments, spray tan, etc.
Then I did a one day advanced massage techniques course which was fun but definitely not long enough so now I'm at college doing level 3 sports massage part time xx
Both. I'm almost finished my HND in Beauty Therapy (which I presume is the equivalent for Level 3), but I've done external training in semi-permanent eyelash extensions, threading and spray tanning. I'm hoping to be a CND girl one day too!
I did NVQ 2 & 3 at college but haven't kept a lot of it up (only make up and lash/brow tinting and the odd bit of waxing).

There are some parts of my training I know were just crap (manis/pedis I'm talking to you!!) I'm taking some short courses and (practising like crazy) this year to get my skills back up so I can go mobile.
Both here too but mainly College, I 've done level 3's in Beauty, Aromatherapy, Reflexology & Photographic & Media Makeup, as well as level 2 in creative hairstyling at different College's over the years. Some were fantastic, some not so good and one where I was taught by a tutor who had no work experience in her subject :eek:

I've also done 'branded training' for lashes, spray tanning, facials, nails and makeup and on each of the short courses was pleasantly surprised at how much I'd actually learnt.
I did my HND beauty therapy at college and then went on and did my HNC fashion make-up. Loved my beauty therapy course and totally hated my fashion make-up course but stuck it out and glad I did.
Currently thinking of doing spray tanning course as this was not offered during my HND.
I did my spray tanning at home with sunless solutions, they were fab! X
I trained in L&P and, Gel Polish with Kent Nail & Beauty Academy on the isle of Thanet in association with nails by Morena and Morena's Nails and beauty. The courses were fully accredited and the continued support even now is amazing. Am doing lash extensions with her this month also.
have done both , nvq's and itec, levels 2&3 , and a lot of product based training , cnd , ezflow, spray tanning , etc..
I originally trained at college, full time BTEC ND, but had branded training afterwards.

I'm a bit dopey and only ticked college as i didn't read it was multiple choice, lol xx
I did nvq 2 &3 at college, since done semi permanent eyelash extensions Cnd nail extensions, holly and Brazilian waxing, facial brands, microdermabrasion, eyelash perming, pregnant massage, I did my training at college 10 years ago do I have had to keep training
ITEC massage + A&P and Waxing and Tanning as local courses with a BABTAC accredited training school/academy (along side NVQ students lol)
I did Level 2 & 3 at college, then spent the following year practising and gaining confidence with friends and family whilst I took branded courses for Microdermabrasion, Hot Stone Massage, Eyelash Extensions, Spray Tanning, Intimate Waxing.

I also did a 14 week evening course for nail extensions with NSI which was not good, nearly gave up but luckily decided to do a conversion course with CND as a final effort and have never looked back :)

H xx
I did my NC, HNC and HND at college with extra classes and various other night classes to supplement.

When I finished, I worked in a nail salon.

After being tortured there for as long as I could stand - owner sold 'fung off' to clients with bacterial infections cos she thought the name was hilarious :smack: - I decided to forget most of what I had been taught about how to create nails and start properly. So I saved up and did a foundation with creative. Since then, I've done various other classes with them and intend to keep taking as many as they bring out.
I did my NVQ 2 and 3 beauty with private colleges (the one I did my nvq2 with left a fair bit to be desired and the one I did my nvq3 with was nothing short of amazing!)

I did my nvq 3 nail services at a college and i felt that the class size was too big for me to benefit from the course in th way I was hoping to.

I find that doing branded training is always helpful. I wasn't very confident in manicure and have since done it with Jessica and feel better about it (just need to practice my polishing now!). Am hoping to do pedicure with them at a later date.

On my "to do" list I have intimate waxing which I want to do with a college as everywhere else seems to offer shorter courses. I also want to train in gel and landp with CND because their products are hypoallergenic and I have heard great things about their education :)
i started in a nail salon and had in house training before going on to my local college and doing NVQ in Beauty and the NVQ in Nail Techniques, then nail art, indian head etc then went onto various product training including L&P at CND.

To be honest i wish i had just gone to somewhere like CND as i think the training is far superior to what you get in local colleges. I think local colleges dont seem to have specialists in Nails where as at CND you do.
I'm just finishing my NVQ level 3 beauty at Cambridge regional college :) have been picked to represent my college in world skills too :) happy!! X
I have completed nvq2 in beauty,
Itec diploma in massage (incomplete, was unable to finish due to pregnancy complications) so I attended a private college to gain a certificate,
I am now doing my level 3 NVQ at a private school as college was substandard and just a constant headache!! Once that is complete I'm off to the London college of fashion to complete their make up courses!! Most excited about that one!!! X
I trained privately at a local beauty school. The training was rubbish. :cry: Have learned more from SG.

Would love to be a CND girl one day! :hug:

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