where do you keep brushes?


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Aug 13, 2003
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Penryn, Cornwall
I'd love to know what you all store your brushes in. I have recently seen the brush boxes that creative do, and wondered if anyone else uses a box / bag / packet or anything?
hi ella

do a search for worm coffin you will find all the replies there :shock:

hope this helps
Bought 2 "worm coffins" at Excel think they were £3.95 each.

Think they are fantastic, best "storage boxes" for my pro stylers I have ever had, wish I had bought them earlier.

Jue ;)
For Ella's benefit I think we must explain that 'worm coffin' is what the geek calls the Brush box because it is long and black!!

It is a Geek thing, Ella - no one with a normal mind would have ever thought of it!!

I have to tell you it is not listed in our brochure as the worm coffin!!
I think we must explain that 'worm coffin' is what the geek calls the Brush box because it is long and black!!

It is a Geek thing, Ella - no one with a normal mind would have ever thought of it!!

Well, funnily enough, Lynne Darling who did my conversion did call it a coffin!
hiya ella
i think most ambassadors "lovingly" refer to brush boxes as "worm coffins"!
we obviously spend too much time around the geek :shock:
seriously, samuel is one of the best educators in the world. i think for 2 main reasons;
his jaw dropping knowledge on all things nails 8)
& his ability to introduce humour into his teaching. :D
i personally think that the combination of both the above leads to the best classes.
hence, i'm sure you will hear "worm coffin" a few times in our classes, as well as "bacteria poo" :shock: , but thats another story!!!!!!!!!!!!
the foundation classes r v.intense learning, so the use of humour not only paints the picture that you're trying to portray, but also loosens people up a little :D
sorry that got a bit off track :oops:
lol liza xx
After being a brush abuser for many years :oops: and having Cherie trying to fix him with some scissors during my master classes, and shaking while i was using her brush :shocker: I have now gone and got myself a new pro styler brush and now he lives in a little travel tooth brush holder :D thanks cherie! it cost me 80c australian and my brush is as happy as could be :)

Kerrie :)
I use a hinged travel toothbrush case. In fact I have 2, one for my beloved Pro Styler and another for my gel brushes. Got them from Boots (coz I didn't know about the worm coffin back then) but they are a great cheap alternative :D .

Actually ... the 'worm coffin' is very inexpensive and has the Creative logo on it which looks nice and professional.
I too used a toothbrush holder once upon a time but always had to cut the end off it to fit my Ultra Sculptor in it!!
i too have the worm coffin with a little bit of blue tac to keep my brush from rolling about its brill anything with creative logo on is a bit like gucci to me
Having taken everyone's advice I ordered two worm coffins today.

Thanks everone for your help.
Does the U.S have these "worm coffins" I dont remeber seeing them in any CND product catalogs. I want one of these things. How do I get one?
No they are not available in the USof A but if you would like one I'm sure we can send one to you!!!
For years we have had to order everything from the US!!! Makes a change for us to send to you. hee hee.
Private messgae Mrs Geek with your details and she will organize something for you if she can.
the usage of 'worm coffin' just kills me!! I opt we put it in the new price list in brackets next to 'Brush Holder', I just think that would be hilarious!! Christian may not approve though :shock: :rolleyes:
im with you on that one mrs geek! that would be a giggle i will definatly be getting myself a worm coffin when im in salisbury next week! ;)
nickki jonesx :D
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