Where to obtain MMA methyl methacrylate


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Jan 18, 2003
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The reason I did this post is that I noticed in reading another post here concerning MMA that some techs were commenting in some degree of puzzlement, well, if methyl methacrylate is a bad thing and if methyl methacrylate is being banned for use in nail products, then where in the world is the methyl methacrylate used in nail products coming from.
You need to know that methyl methacrylate is not just used in dozens of useful products, not just in hundreds of useful products, but actually in thousands of useful products. If you were to walk down your street today you would be walking past autos and gardens and homes that are filled with all kinds of items that include methyl methacrylate.
I find that one of the most interesting uses of methyl methacrylate was by a chemical company, who mixed up a special acrylic to seal the hole in the shell of a huge tortoise at a PA zoo.
You will also find lot of importation of lesser price range methyl methacrylate from countries such as Korea and Pakistan.
At one Internet chemical site for matching chemical buyers and sellers, I found over 64,000 notices concerning methyl methacrylate for sale.
Is it differcult for you to purchase methyl methacrylate with the intention of using it to mix up some MMA nail product. No. Why should they care, the chemical is perfectly legal to buy and sell. In fact, I thought it was somewhat ironic that one seller advertised that they assure a disciplined confidentiality with our customers.
How is it done. Just purchase your methyl methacrylate in large amounts ( in my area the 30 gallon plastic drum is popular ), purchase plain white empty gallon plastic jugs, purchase a self stick label to stick onto the jugs and mix it up in the back room of your nail supply store. Yes, gasp, it is that easy. Hope this helps in understanding why it is so widespread.
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