Which after wax lotion? Any recommendations welcome


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Mar 5, 2011
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Hi geeks,

I have been waxing for over 8 years now and have ALWAYS used Just Wax Sensitive After Wax Lotion as when I first started my friend who has highly sensitive skin was always my model, she always came up in spots and sore skin after waxing and then one time we used the Just Wax Sensitive After Wax Lotion and she said she didn't suffer from any of the symptoms she had before. I have always sworn by this product and my clients love it, as do I. Unfortunately a few months ago they changed the packaging and ever since it has not been the same, the company never said they changed the ingredients but I have found that sometimes it can sting and burn when you put it on and a few clients have mentioned it too. I am desperately trying to find a descent after wax lotion that is recommended. Any ideas please? Ideally I would like something that is easy to get hold of from most wholesalers but if it's a good product I'm not too worried about that.

Thank you in advance :)
I only use PR Jasmine oil and refreshing gel.
Thank you Cloughers I will have a look into those :)

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