Which Days Are Your Most Busy?


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May 3, 2004
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:?: Just starting out and trying to establish a clientelle. In the meantime, I may have to take a part-time job to keep me going. To work round this, can you tell me which days tend to be your busiest?
Friday and saturdays are def very busy! Monday, tuesday & wednesday are still busy but not manic. Thursday, in our town, was traditionally early closing (following the wednesday market) and some shops still shut early and this tends to be a quiet day both on the nail, sun bed and beauty front. Each town varies i would have thought but i have my regulars who come in fortnightly at the same time and day each appointment. Most of the new sets/new clients are friday and saturday for some reason...however summer holidays approaching so hopefully will get busier
This probably doesn't help you whatsoever...!!!!!!!!
I think later in the week is always the busiest coz people want to look their best for the weekend. I would say Thursday, Friday and Saturday are busy and the quieter days would be Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. A good indication of that is to see who is doing offers on what days: for example two of the salons do special offers on Wednesdays so that must be when they are quiet!
Monday-Saturday are always my busiest days, but tend to book off a monday/tuesday occasionally for courses, book-keeping etc.

Work 9am-9pm monday-friday, 8.30am-4pm on saturday and am always fully booked.

Jue xxx
My hours are part time really compared to many of you and it has taken me around 12 months to establish a good returning client base. I have found that Friday and Saturday are definitely my most busiest (always fully booked and I do late on Friday)....followed closely by Tuesday and a definite quiet one (although Im not really sure what happened over the last few weeks cus its caught up a bit!) is Wednesday!
I opt for Monday and Thursday as days off...... I can catch up with home and administrative stuff! :eek: (and a bit of daytime telly!!!!!) :D
Thursday friday & saturdays my buisiest thursdays is always manic monday pretty quit wednesday closed
I'm still only just building my clientele up but as Caz says, they always want their nails done either Thursday or Friday so they look good for weekend.

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