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Miss Bliss

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Jul 25, 2007
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Sidcup, Kent
Hi all,

Wonder if any of you can help me, i'm qualifying next month as an NVQII beauty therapist and can't wait to set up my part-time mobile business :lol:

I need to pick a product range to use for facials and wondered if any of you geeks could give me any recommendations or advice or which brands you use and samples you have tried???

Any advice appreciated!


what products did you train with at college?
the trouble is , i trained with dermaolgica and unfortunatley im not allowed to get the professional range as you got to be in a salon.
you could have a look at ellisons catalogue as they do a large range called priadora, not sure what its like
wwww.ellisons.co.uk or call 08451306126.
you dont want to get the cheap pap from the wholesalers do you!!:)
Carrie xx
If you do a search (from the menu at the top of the screen) and put in something like 'skincare range' you should get loads of threads come up to have a look at, as this question has been asked a fair few times! :)
Oh by the way, the range from Ellisons is called Priadara and it's very nice. If you call them they'll send you an info pack with some samples. You can go direct to the Priadara website Priadara skincare
I use Eve Taylor products,they have a very affordable start up kit and fantastic products.Try this link


ps it says the page no longer exists but it says click to go to site,do that and it will redirect you,hth
Excellent I will have a look on both of those websites and hopefully try out some samples.

At college we used "London College of Beauty Therapy" products as they have their own range but they are awful!!! Much the same as wholesaler products :mad:

Thanks again, I will look into these now!

I also use Eve Taylor and am very pleased I chose them. They now do a special mobile kit which is very reasonably priced (under £100!!).
Hi Debs

That is brilliant! I will give them a call and see what I can get!! I have heard that their products are pretty good!

Thanks again!

My response to this kind of question is whichever works for you and whichever you believe give the best results. Remember facts tell, stories sell. If you use the product yourself that you use in treatments and retail you can talk about it with the voice of experience and importantly passion.

I read in another thread of someone who tried Dermalogica but didn't get on with them - I assume not suitable for her skin. While loads of people rave about Dermalogica that could be the worst product range for her to take on, a client may ask for your experience with it and if you reply "oh i don't use it as my skin is sensitive to it" you instantly loose a sale.

Get as many samples for as many products as you can and try them all a few times on yourself. Read as much as you can about them so you are happy with the quality and suitability of the ingredients - the website The Cosmetic Database can be a really good source of info for this type of stuff (though mostly covers products available in America).

And finally one important question to ask yourself, would you pay the retail price for the product.

Good luck and enjoy!
Ive just been sent some MOORSPA samples and I am really really impressed with them, their system is simple, diffrent consistencies in moisturisers etc, nice packaging, and the retail price isnt that bad either.

they are even talking of making some of the bigger bottles smaller for us mobile therapists to use which has to be good

Well I have sent off for some priadara samples and also some Eve Taylor samples, will call up today re: moorspa too!!!

Thanks so much for your reply too Fozzyo, I agree, I am going to give them all a go and try them on certain skintypes and see what I think and ask my friends/family what they think too and see which products win! I just obviously want my facials to be as beneficial as possible.

At least I can have fun finding out which is best :)

in the guild this month they have a feature STARTING OUT which may help to read, Im not to sure if the guild mag is accessible online to read..anyone know?
just to add to the other Eve Taylor posts, it really is a great range, been using it for 5 months and get great resuts, you can start with the basic kit and there are alot of add ons, the cryogenic mask is fab! xxx good luck setting up x

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